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3 SEO Elements That Web Designers Focus on to Create Fully Optimized Mobile Websites

SEO web designersBy now, most business owners are aware of the fact that an appealing, user-friendly, reader-oriented mobile website is an invaluable asset; enabling them to convert more visitors into buyers, improve their profit and enhance their popularity in the long term. Are you ready to cope with the imminent changes triggered by the ongoing mobile revolution? Keep reading to discover 3 SEO elements that web designers always take into consideration, in order to create a fully-optimized, eye-catchy webpage, appreciated by both users and search engines.

1)      Readable Content

Readable content makes all the difference in the world. Your potential clients visit your website because they are looking for information on products and services that might interest them. Chunky blocks of text and a dull layout will never manage to capture their attention, so make sure you always elaborate and promote content that is 100% readable, scannable and easy to assimilate by all your readers. Here’s an extra tip: the non-clickable and the clickable fragments of text should be formatted differently, to ensure an excellent user experience for all those who might land on your webpage at some point.

2)      Easy Navigation

The very best web designers will all tell you that a great mobile website enables all of your prospects, including those who use their tablets and smartphones to conduct online searches, to find what they are looking for in record time. In other words, easy navigation is a must-have. Your readers should always know where they, where they should go next, and how to get there with just a few clicks. You should know that there are various kinds of website navigation schemes; some of them are well-liked by Google, while others are far from being SEO-friendly. If you don’t know which one would work better for your mobile website, rely on expert advice provided by experienced SEO web designers.

3)      Consistency

Believe it or not, Google will appreciate your consistency in terms of labeling, design and website layout. Even if your site displays a significant amount of content, it should still look well-organized and neat. Consistent imagery, a minimalist layout, a limited number of colors and good typography are only a few elements that you should keep in mind — if you want to come up with a “clean” web design appreciated by your users. If your readers will like it, Google will like it too and you will manage to rank higher in search engine results in no time, without having to rely on dirty SEO tricks and tips to attain your goals.

A fully-optimized mobile website will definitely contribute to the natural, smooth growth of your business. If you lack the time, the skills, the patience or the know-how to create your own mobile-friendly webpage, let the best SEO web designers complete this important assignment on time and on a budget. At Cohlab, we strive to bring you the best mobile website, geo-marketing and managed website service, allowing you to boost your revenues and your online reputation fast and effortlessly.