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3 Things You Should Know about Small Business Mobile Websites

small business mobile websites A recent article published by Forbes indicates that an alarming number of small businesses will never manage to keep up with the string of changes triggered by the ongoing mobile revolution. Why? Simply because they choose to embrace just one recipe for success, based on their unique personal history, and refuse to adapt to the new reality.

Numerous prospects are mobile; they use tablets and smartphones to research commodities that they are interested in. In this context, it goes without saying that an optimized, user-oriented mobile website is a real necessity. Keep reading to discover 3 things that you most likely didn’t know about small business mobile websites designed to guarantee your smooth evolution on any digital market.

1)      A Mobile Website Puts Your Best Features on Full Display

Google indicates that up to 95 percent of all smartphone owners use their mobile device to conduct online searches. Most of the people who have developed this habit hate the idea of stumbling across a traditional website that only looks good when it is viewed on a large desktop monitor.

Undoubtedly, a standard webpage will scare away a large number of potential clients. On the other hand, a mobile-friendly site helps you build solid relationships with all categories of clients, highlights the unique attributes of your brand and products and takes your business to page 1 in search engine results.

2)      Small Business Mobile Websites Allow You to Consolidate Your Brand Identity

Did you know that only 5 percent of all U.S.-based companies are currently counting on a highly beneficial mobile website? This means that you still have a chance to get (and stay) one step ahead of your main competitors. Small business mobile websites address the needs of mobile customers, boost your conversion rates, bring your brand into the spotlight and accentuate the fact that you play an active role in the current mobile movement.

Small businesses fail because they choose to stick to outdated, dull websites and traditional marketing strategies. Don’t make the same mistake. Opt for a personalized mobile website, follow new market trends and prove that you are a leading player in your field of business.

3)      Small Business Mobile Websites Help You Promote Your Business in Both Online and Offline Environments

Mobile websites are awesome for a number of reasons: they bring in more clients, help you sell better and reinforce your online presence. In addition, they also bridge the enormous gap between online and offline marketing strategies through the increasingly popular QR codes. Millions of prospects use their smartphones to scan QR codes found on brochures, billboards and posters, and land on mobile-friendly websites where they stumble across a larger amount of pertinent, well-organized information. Small business mobile websites help you connect with your targeted audience faster and easier than ever before.

At Cohlab, we take pride in mobile websites that actually sell. We bring you the best search engine marketing practices designed to boost the profitability and the visibility of your company. Just give us a call and we’ll guide you towards cost-efficient improvements that will allow you to reach your business goals.