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4 Small Business Web Design Mistakes That You Should Avoid at All Costs

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Let’s face it: it is difficult to implement some of the most ingenious, creative ideas when your pockets are empty. In this particular situation, it is equally challenging to understand the needs and requirements of your clients. This is one of the main reasons why most small businesses never manage to gain a competitive edge and sink into oblivion after only a couple of years.

Most owners who struggle to reinforce the online presence of their company and boost sales choose to invest in small-budget websites that are dull and unappealing. Keep reading to identify four of the most dangerous, yet incredibly common small business web design mistakes, you should never make.

1)      Paying for Sites That Do Not Manage to Attract Clients

Sites are rated by users based on three main selection criteria: esthetic value, content and user experience. Your website should get bonus point for its looks, for the generous amount of fresh, original information delivered to your customers and for the fact that it enables visitors to actually enjoy every single second spent on your webpage. In this content, make sure you pay the right price for small business web design guaranteeing noticeable improvements, in terms of popularity and profitability, over a short period of time.

2)      Not Understanding the Needs and Expectations of Your Targeted Audience

How well do you know your prospects? What do they expect from you, apart from high-quality products and unbelievably tempting discounts? If you are targeting young prospects under 30, it is highly-recommended to spend your money on a user-oriented mobile website, since most of your potential clients use tablets and smartphones to research different commodities currently available on digital markets. Furthermore, this particular segment of clients demands a youthful, eye-catchy color scheme; whereas older customers appreciate a simple layout, a fast loading website and larger fonts.

3)      Going Overboard with Your First Mobile Website

Designing your first mobile website can be an exciting experience. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to get overly creative and opt for a counterproductive flashy design. If your buyers feel lost on your website, they won’t hesitate to abandon it in favor of one more user-friendly, with a much more cohesive structure, where all the information that they require is only a few clicks away.

4)      Investing in Sites with No Call-to-Action

Any small business web design specialist will tell you that a site with no call-to-action is just as useful as an insanely attractive brick-and-mortar store that is always closed. The best websites are actually designed to capture the attention of your prospects, address their needs and make them want to take action almost instantly. Subtle, but extremely compelling calls-to-action should be placed in centralized key points of all your website’s pages. 

The team of creative writers and web developers from Cohlab anticipate and understand your every need, in terms of small business web design. If you want to make the most of website design with SEO in mind, local SEO (search engine optimization) strategies and SEM (search engine marketing) solutions, just give us a call and we’ll guide you towards the shortest path to business success.