Check Out 4 Major Search Engine Marketing Mistakes and Learn How to Prevent Them

Check Out 4 Major Search Engine Marketing Mistakes and Learn How to Prevent ThemOver the past few years, Search Engine Marketing has become a powerful billion-dollar industry that displays two main elements: organic (cost-free) and inorganic (or paid) search. The first component is represented by SEO (search engine optimization).

SEO comprises all the on-page and off-page Google-friendly practices that users rely on to rank higher in search engine results and improve conversion rates, without overbalancing their marketing budget.

Also, search engines offer companies the chance to promote their products and services on their advertising platforms, where they can list their ad for a certain price. In a few words, a SEM campaign comprises someone’s efforts to boost website traffic via paid and unpaid search listings.

The question is: do you have what it takes to dust off your SEO/PPC strategy? If you can’t afford to hire a SEM expert, take a look at some of the most common search engine marketing mistakes companies make and learn how to prevent (or fix) them.

1)      Creating and Distributing Web Content for the Wrong Segment of Public 

Some marketers fail to attain their SEM goals simply because: they give the green light to web content pieces that could never be read, assimilated, and appreciated by the targeted audience, and the writing is too business-focused, too impersonal and overly technical. In order to boost your website traffic, you must know your audience and provide content tailored to the needs, demands and expectations of your prospects. Don’t write for the other professionals in your niche; write for potential buyers.

2)      Not Doing Proper Keyword Research

Keyword research can help you grow your business and reward your optimization efforts sooner than expected. Now, you have access to a plentitude of free and paid keyword tools, enabling you to spot and use popular search terms that your potential clients have in mind and use to find local businesses, just like yours. Proper research is the key to SEO-friendly web writing that responds to the real needs of your consumers.

3)      Not Making the Most of Localized Web Content

Many Internet savvy business owners are already aware of the fact that they should use relevant, popular keywords to enhance their online visibility. However, some of them lose important local buyers simply because they do not profit from localized keywords, like: neighborhoods, popular attractions, major local points of interest, ZIP codes, and so on.

4)      Not Paying Enough Attention to Some of the Most Important Data Aggregators

Always keep in mind that there are numerous online tools that you can count on, if you want to boost your online presence and earn the trust of your consumers. Don’t neglect some of the most popular data aggregators that could keep your business in the public eye for the longest period of time. Factual, Neustar Localeze and Acxiom are only a few of the many options worth considering.

The road to SEM success can be long and winding. Fortunately, competent SEM experts can make things easier for you. At Cohlab, we implement winning search engine marketing strategies designed to meet unique business goals.