Great Web Design is Worthless

Great Web Design is WorthlessIf you found yourself with an unlimited amount of time and an endless supply of money with which you could build your ideal website, what would it look like?  Would you decide on a minimalist design that utilizes a neutral color palette and clean lines to focus the reader’s attention while simultaneously projecting an image of professionalism and sophistication?  Or would you choose to use bright, flashy colors, animated graphics, and eye-catching photos to captivate the reader and ensure their interest remains focused on your website for as long as possible?

Well unfortunately, no matter which design road you decide to venture down, your brand new, beautiful website would be completely and utterly worthless in the end.

“Why?” you may ask. Well, it’s because you failed to ask the most important question when it comes to building a new website.

What purpose does your website serve?

Having an extravagant and engaging web design that was created by the most talented graphic designer in the world doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t know why the site exists in the first place.

Luckily, if you’re a small business owner, you can use a well-designed website to accomplish multiple goals for your company.

  1. Create a good first impression. In the internet world, where every customer has a voice and negative reviews run rampant, you can use a website to put your company’s best foot forward and develop a positive relationship with potential customers early on.

  2. Establish your presence in the local community and promote your company’s voice. Do you host an annual community event that provides support to local charities or other organizations? Use your website to tell people about it!

  3. Easily connect with your customers. Have your contact information readily available for the next time someone in your area is in need of your products and/or services. This increases the chance that your company will be the first one they turn to.

  4. Most importantly, use a great web design to differentiate your company and outshine your competition!

Great Web Design is Worthless

Having no business website is better than having a great web design with no purpose. Avoid both of these situations by answering one crucial question first “What purpose does your website serve?”.