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How to Identify the Best Mobile Strategy for Your Business

Good Mobile Strategy Can Get You Ahead of Competitors

Your clients are mobile and always looking for the hottest deals in their area. They don’t like to waste any time and are clearly going in favor of smart, classy, mobile-friendly websites allowing them to research services and products even when they’re on the run. Only 5% of all businesses currently benefit from mobile websites, which means that you could overtake your main competitors by simply addressing the specific needs and requirements of smartphone and tablet users.

Creating an attractive, search engine-friendly mobile site should be a child’s play, especially if you count on professional services and the expert guidance ensured by savvy developers. However, this is only the first step in the right direction. Afterwards, you’ll have to identify the most efficient mobile strategy for your business. Keep reading to make an inspired decision.

Evaluate Your Goals

In all fields of activity, proper planning is the key to success. In other words, you have to set specific objectives to stay on the right path to success. So what exactly are you asking for: bigger profits, increased online visibility, better website traffic or more followers and devoted buyers? Start by evaluating your end goals, to come up with the best method to reach your clients.

Know Your Audience

In order to keep your customers on your side for the long term, you have to understand their behavior and do whatever it takes to exceed all their expectations. Recent studies show that 40% of the people who use their phones and tablets to conduct online searches have abandoned their favorite brand and landed on the webpage of its main competitor after a disappointing mobile experience.

Learn from the Best

The mobile websites of giant companies can become your number one source of inspiration, when it comes to designing your own site. However, keep in mind that huge corporations also make costly mistakes that are noticed and criticized by online visitors using smartphones or tablets to surf the web. For instance, Starbucks takes pride in a fully functional responsive website featuring flawless call-to-action buttons.

Nonetheless, when Starbucks’ site is accessed via mobile devices, its CTA buttons are positioned below a virtually endless string of reviews, making it difficult for the user to take action. So before you start working on your optimal mobile strategy, make sure you can count on a fully optimized mobile website with a simple layout that accentuates the most relevant key points: your location, specials, hours and phone number.

Write Your Own Recipe for Success

In order to come up with an insanely effective mobile strategy, focus your entire attention on personalized PPC ads created with your clients in mind and on verified social media tactics. Here’s an idea: you could increase brand awareness and stimulate the loyalty of your clients by launching a fantastic check-in promotion. Build and maintain a solid relationship with your mobile users to find out what type of rewards pique their interest and encourage their participation.

Did you know that 70% of all mobile searches generate a purchase? Therefore, it goes without saying that you need the very best mobile strategy to reach a broader audience. Here, at Cohlab, we strive to bring you an appealing mobile website and the most remarkable mobile strategies tailored to your unique goals. Just give us a call and we’ll help you become a reputable leading player in your niche, by making the most of mobile, clever business solutions.