Invest in a Small Business Mobile Website to Attract More Customers

Forward-thinking company owners who want to attract more buyers, boost their online presence, and stimulate sales, acknowledge the importance of a small business mobile website. Why is it recommended to invest in a mobile-friendly website and how could this action help you promote your products and services more effectively for many years to come?

Anticipate and Address the Needs of a Broader Audience

Long gone are the days when clients used to surf the web on their desktops. Now, they are always eager to spot great deals, analyze features and price tags and identify the best local businesses 24/7, while they’re on the run, by simply conducting online searches on their smartphones. According to a report introduced by commScore, more than 50% of all mobile users count on their smartphones to access the Internet (approximately 126 million individuals).

You might ask: how does this influence my business goals? Apparently, 96% of all smartphone users look for items that they plan to buy on their mobile phones. This is one of the main reasons why your company should benefit from a mobile-friendly, well-organized, appealing website. Visitors who don’t find what they’re looking for in record time move on rapidly and land on various other pages, until they finally stumble across a mobile website, designed by experts who have what it takes to anticipate and address all their needs and demands. Since you are a part of a mobile universe, it wouldn’t make much sense to invest in a standard website that would inevitably disappoint a large segment of potential buyers.

Witness Beneficial Changes by Opting for a Small Business Mobile Website

Google indicates the fact that smartphones have become reliable shopping companions for millions of clients worldwide. Moreover, according to the same source, 40% of all prospects usually abandon a business represented by a traditional website in favor of a savvier competitor, offering them unlimited access to a superior mobile web experience. In this context, do you need more reasons to switch to a small business mobile website? A mobile website instantly attracts an increased number of potential buyers, enables you to boost sales, enhance customer loyalty and grow your online popularity. What more could you ask for? A mobile website opens the doors to countless appealing business opportunities for all companies, regardless of their size, field of activity and profit margins. Moreover, a small business mobile website should be considered a cost-effective improvement, enabling you to earn big in the long term, by making a negligible investment.

Finding the Right Mobile Website Specialists

Finding the best, mobile website experts offering you the chance to profit from a user-friendly, sophisticated, affordable mobile website can be quite challenging. At Cohlab, we put the skills of experienced writers and designers at your disposal; enabling you to take pride in a fully optimized, attention-grabbing webpage that will improve your conversion rates, bring your brand into the spotlight and help you attain business success for the longest period of time.