Measure Your Website Speed

Before you can improve you must accurately measure your website speed. How can you know if fast loading websites is something you should focus on without checking? Many tools have been created specifically for this purpose. We suggest using the following free, web-based tools to measure the time is takes to load your existing website or application:

  • Page SpeedPage Abandonment due to Slow Page Speed

    Created by Google, this web-based tool evaluates the performance of web pages and gives detailed suggestions for improvement

  • Pingdom Tools: Load Time TestA free online tool to test the load time, analyze and find bottlenecks of a given web page from the perspective of a first time visitor.
  • Google Analytics: Site Speed ReportThe Site Speed report allows you can measure the page load time across your site. It was introduced with the latest release of Google Analytics, so be sure you are using the newest version.
  • YSlowA free tool created by Yahoo!’s development team. It analyzes web pages and suggests ways to improve their performance based on a set of rules for high performance web pages.

These tools will tell you more than you need, however each will provide the number of seconds it takes to load your website.

If a website doesn’t load (render within a Web browser) within a few seconds, statistics show that most people will immediately start looking for other options.

Today’s technology makes it possible for most websites to load within a matter of milliseconds, and in fact, that’s what most people expect when they visit the Web. Websites that drag, have technical issues that cause slower loading, or have too many flashy technical elements that make the entire site function less than optimally are becoming dinosaurs simply because Web searchers want their information, and they want it NOW. If one site is taking too long to deliver it, then they will find another one that can do it faster.