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Effective Mobile Advertising Strategies to Reach Your Clients

mobile advertising strategies Giant brands are already one step ahead of their main competitors, due to a set of custom, highly efficient mobile advertising strategies designed and implemented to reach a broader audience and enhance customer loyalty. Do you have what it takes to follow in their footsteps?

Recent studies indicate that 5 billion people own and utilize at least one mobile phone, while only 4.1 billion individuals have toothbrushes. These numbers clearly indicate that we are witnessing a powerful mobile revolution that is currently changing the way in which millions of potential clients conduct online searches to find products and services that they are interested in.

Learn to Fight the Banner Blindness Phenomenon with a Creative Mobile Advertising Strategy

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating personalized mobile advertising strategies with the main goal of capturing the attention of a larger pool of clients. Since mobile phones are very personal devices, your marketing messages should be wrapped and delivered in an elegant manner.

Buyers don’t want to live under the impression that they are tricked into purchasing something from your store. They constantly demand high-quality web content and the highest level of personalization from their favorite brands.

Companies that fail to understand these simple requirements seldom manage to attain their ambitious marketing goals. In this context, custom, verified mobile advertising strategies developed, applied, perfected and monitored by skilled mobile website experts can help you fight the banner blindness phenomenon, which should be considered the number one enemy of your online business.

Why Should You Invest in Mobile Advertising Strategies?

As more and more people use their tablets and smartphones to research products and services, millions of companies that want to stay in the game feel compelled to invest in cutting-edge, user-friendly, appealing mobile websites. However, this is only a first important step in the right direction. The second phase would involve the creation and implementation of personalized, effective mobile advertising strategies.

According to experts, mobile represents a powerful advertising medium that is still in its early days. The latest predictions suggest that revenues triggered by mobile advertising on a global scale could record a 400% growth until 2016. In this given set of circumstances, can you really afford to ignore this amazing business opportunity?

What Type of Mobile Advertising Strategies Would Work Best for My Company?

Recent studies indicate that mobile advertising strategies including a powerful social component usually make their targeted audience tick. Moreover, it seems that full-page mobile ads are up to five times more effective than the outdated, overrated banner ads. Furthermore, innovative 3D rotating banner ads seduce users and tell them a captivating story even before they decide to click on the banner. In this case, the main goal is to stimulate the engagement of online visitors. There are numerous ingenious mobile advertising strategies that could take your mobile website and your entire Internet-based business to the next level.

At Cohlab, we offer you the chance to become a part of the ongoing mobile revolution, by making the most of custom mobile websites, geo-marketing, mobile advertising strategies and managed website services guaranteeing your fast, natural growth on some of the most competitive digital markets.