Social Marketing to Millennials

Successful businessmanThe Millennials represent a large segment of prospects targeted by numerous companies of all sizes operating in different fields of activity. These businesses know just how important it really is to capture the attention of this category of people, earn their trust, feed their appetence for stellar content and finally make them swipe their cards.

One may be wondering: is it difficult to get and stay on the same page with individuals who have reached adulthood around the year 2000? According to experts, interacting with these potential buyers is not challenging, as long as marketers employ the right tactics and rely on suitable social media marketing strategies to attain their goals.

The Big Challenge: Creating Premium Web Content That Actually Finds the Consumer

According to a recent study introduced by SDL, Millennials check their mobile phones 45 times on a daily basis and are up to 56% more likely to identify web content created and promoted by brands via social networking sites than through traditional email or search engines. The same source indicates that channels have become irrelevant and standard marketing campaigns are almost extinct, since they do not provide the desirable results when it comes to marketing to Millennials.

This actually makes sense, taking into consideration that Millennials are constantly craving content that manages to find them and not the other way around. They don’t want to spend hours surfing on the Web; instead, they manifest their preference for first-class, original, relevant content that actually keeps them entertained and provides real answers to their questions, uncertainties and concerns. To perfect your social media marketing, you should realize that:

1) Users interact with their favorite brands on social media websites (according to SDL, 5 of out of 6 Millennials connect with companies on social media platforms).

2) Channels with personalized news feeds like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook boost content discovery and are much more effective than email and standard news sites.

3) Users appreciate touchpoints that are not connected to a strategy implemented by a certain company to sell, sell, sell. Recent studies indicate that approximately 60% of all consumers value birthday cards and every other genuine interaction with a brand that is not focused solely on monetary goals.

Improving Your Social Media Marketing Strategies to Keep Millennials Satisfied

Millennials form a powerful community, because they are brought together by their passion for technology and social networking. This is precisely why you should improve your social media presence to stimulate the curiosity and interest of a very large category of public that may represent a huge percentage of your future clientele. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to become successful; just focus your entire attention on these basic steps. Instead of targeting dozens of social networking websites and crafting content every once in a while, choose to stay active on the most important platforms and be consistent. Here’s a great way to get started:

  • Create a solid Google+ Community.
  • Create a Facebook fan page and stay active on Twitter.
  • Improve your website and turn it into a value-based source of stellar content.
  • Spot and address complaints in a timely fashion, be engaging and cultivate the feedback of your fans and followers.

According to Huffington Post, 65% of all Millennials say that losing their computer or smartphone would affect them more than losing their vehicle. This is shocking news, indicating that Millennials are truly addicted to quality online interactions. Therefore, to get their attention, just rely on the very best personalized social media strategies, be perseverant and always remember to put quality over quantity when it comes to crafting web content.