What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is simply the process of marketing to people via their mobile devices. This is really just an extension of internet marketing, as more and more people are starting to spend more time on their mobile devices and less time on their computers it was inevitable that the internet marketers would move into this form of marketing. There are a lot similarities between internet marketing and mobile marketing but there are also some pretty important differences. Understanding these differences is important if you want to be successful with your mobile marketing campaign. The biggest difference is that it is much harder to get your ad in front of the consumer so you will need to be more creative in your approach to marketing.

There are a few different approaches to mobile marketing that you can take; the most common is via SMS. This is really just sending text messages to people’s mobile phones and in a lot of ways is like email marketing. The biggest issue here is that in order to be able to send your message you need to get people to opt in to receive your message. This can be a challenge since nobody is going to opt in to be advertised to. The best way to do this is the same way that you get people to opt in to your email list when you are doing traditional internet marketing. That is you bribe them by offering them something for free in return. Normally this takes the form of an information product but really it can be anything. The big difference between SMS marketing and email marketing is that your messages will need to be much shorter so your will have to be able to make your pitch with fewer words. Companies like Viacom often use SMS on local events etc to engage audiences.

The other common way to advertise to people via mobile marketing is to place ads on their web browser. More and more people are accessing the internet with their mobile device these days than ever before. It is just a matter of time before mobile devices pass the computer as the most common way for people to browse the web. Recognizing this companies like Google have started offering ads that are formatted for mobile devices. Generally these work just like their Adwords program for regular internet users it is just that the ads are formatted differently so they work better on mobile devices.

Most people play games on their mobile devices so it is really no surprise that marketers have started advertising on these games. This is a simple matter of paying to have your ad appear when somebody plays a game on their mobile device. This can be an effective way to market your product because there are not nearly as many ads competing for attention when you advertise in this way. As the quality of the games used on mobile devices improves it is likely that this method of mobile marketing will expand even further and continue to change the world of selling things.