Curious how you rank in Google Places (Local SEO)?

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Local SEO Helps Local Customers Find You

Local Business SEO

Cohlab offers local search engine optimization services (SEO) to help your brick-and-mortar business show up in local search results so the people in your area can find you.

Why is local SEO so important? In the old days of the internet, search engines did not have the capability to filter search results based on the geographic location (beyond country) of the person doing the searching. A person in NYC searching for “roses” would receive the same search results as a person in LA searching for “roses.” They had to type in “roses nyc” or “roses la” if they were looking for florists selling roses in their area. Fast forward to today and now a person searching for “roses” in NYC sees different search results than someone searching for “roses” in LA. The first search results they see will be local businesses who have optimized their website for the keyword roses. If you cater to local clients, you need to be in those first page search results!

If your site is not optimized for local search, some customers may never find you.

There are 7 coveted front page placements for local businesses, and it is crucial to show up in these results or else you risk losing business to your competitors. Your position in the top 7 is dependent not only on your local SEO on your site, but also your listing on third party websites. For example, if you own a hair salon with no reviews on Yelp, no LinkedIn profile, an inactive Facebook profile, or a wrong phone number in the online Yellowpages, you will lose out in a local search to competitors who are more socially engaged, listed on local third party directories, and viewed as more relevant by the search engine’s algorithms.

90% of smartphone users took action after performing a local search.

Source: Google, The Mobile Playbook, 2012

There are hundreds of different criteria used to determine your placement in local search results. Just a few of them include:

  • the number and velocity of reviews your business has on Yelp and other third parties
  • the popularity of your Google Plus business page
  • your authorship of great content
  • the number and velocity of shares of your content on social media sites
  • the popularity of your brick-and-mortar business as verified by check-ins
  • quantity of unstructured citations in blog posts and newspaper articles
  • GeoTagged media associated with your business on Pinterest, Flickr, and YouTube
  • and many more

It’s enough to make your head spin if you are trying to keep up with all of this and work in your business.

The great thing about local search is that it is far easier to make it to the top of search engine results because it is less competitive than a global or national search. With the right search engine marketing (SEM) strategy and organic SEO strategy, your business will start seeing an increase in local customers.

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