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Convert to a Mobile Website to Bring Your Online Business into the Spotlight

More and more people throw away their heavy desktops and rely exclusively on mobile devices to surf the web and find local companies, compare products, features and prices and get in touch with their loved ones in the blink of an eye. In this context, it becomes obvious that, if you want to reach a broader audience and improve your conversion rates, you have to convert to a mobile website as soon as possible. Make no mistake: delays will cost you, as smartphone users will always go in favor of companies who have already invested in high-quality mobile versions of their webpages.

Convert to a Mobile WebsiteAnalyze All Your Options before Investing in a Premium Mobile Website

In this given set of circumstances, you have two options at hand:

You could build your mobile website on your own, by making the most of a self-service for which you’d have to pay a monthly fee ranging from $7.95 to $199. This option gives you full control over all design phases and the entire development process as long as you agree to pay the monthly subscription.

However, if you lack the skills, the expertise and the in-depth knowledge required to build a mobile website from scratch or to convert to a mobile website on your own, it is advisable to let a team of mobile website experts complete this project. This way, you’ll take pride in a fully functional, eye-catchy, user-friendly mobile website designed to meet the highest expectations of tablet and smartphone users who are tired of navigating on standard websites that only look good on desktops.

Opt for Professional Services Ensured by Mobile Website Experts

An attractive, user-oriented mobile website is now considered the main difference between a profitable online business and a company struggling to stay in the game. Recent studies indicate that approximately 55% of the people who own a mobile phone are actually smartphone users. A mobile website, developed and maintained by a team of specialists could help you turn them into devoted buyers almost instantly, by simply offering them a memorable web experience. Think about it: would you really create your own marketing campaign, if you knew nothing at all about your audience, about triggers and the standard buying cycle? Of course you wouldn’t! This is one of the main reasons why you should let real experts build your mobile website: they understand the needs and requirements of smartphone users, can anticipate market trends and have what it takes to keep you one step ahead of your main competitors.

At Cohlab, we can convert your website to a mobile website in record time, delivering spectacular results and giving you the perfect website version that you need, in order to boost your revenues, attract new buyers and build a long-lasting relationship with all categories of customers using a wide range of devices to conduct online searches.