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The 3 Benefits of SEO Web Design for Small Businesses

The 3 Benefits of SEO Web Design for Small Businesses

All business owners have one thing in common: they always want to surpass their initial efforts and make more money. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to aggressively promote their company, tempt potential buyers with huge discounts, or reinvent the wheel. It simply means that they have to make the most of accessible and widely available tools and strategies, designed to give them a highly competitive edge.

A beautiful website doesn’t necessarily lead to improved conversion rates and the highest level of online visibility. If your webpage can’t be easily found by your prospects, then it clearly isn’t worth the price that you’ve paid for it. This is why SEO website design should be considered a real necessity by all business owners who want to boost their profit margins.

The Benefits Provided by SEO Website Design

1)      More Enthusiastic Buyers

Companies design professional-looking websites for people, not for machines. In other words, Google will never place an order on your site; it will never express its gratitude for your exceptional products and services, and will never recommend them to your segment of potential clients.

On the other hand, a SEO website design will attract more buyers, who will never hesitate to land on your page on a regular basis, to add your commodities to their shopping carts and to provide positive feedback, as long as you ensure a more than satisfactory online navigation.

 2)      Enhanced Online Presence

Flawless SEO website design ensures an improved online presence. If your website is laid out correctly, then you will find it easy to share links with the people whom you interact with. This way, you’ll spread the word about your brand the easy way. Moreover, links that make sense won’t be catalogued by your audience as spam.

3)      A  Competitive Edge Due to Powerful Local SEO Strategies

Clever local SEO practices can help you gain and preserve a competitive edge. A constant presence in portals and local directories, online reviews, geo-targeted content and original images and videos that can go viral on YouTube, Google+ and other major platforms are important pieces of the puzzle, enabling you to become a redoubtable player in your local niche.

How to Come up With a SEO-friendly, Fully Optimized Website

  • Your site should be designed with your visitors in mind. In other words, you have to come up with a webpage developed for people who use search engines on a daily basis to find products and services.
  • SEO web architecture based on keyword research is the key to success in any field of activity. This means that all your pages should manage to capture the attention of your readers, grant fast access to relevant information and guarantee an overall enjoyable navigation. In order to optimize the architecture of your site you should:

a)      Prioritize and categorize your web content

b)      Profit from quality internal and external link building strategies

Experience the advantages of responsive web design that should respond to the needs and preferences of a vast pool of users who use different devices to surf the web. Design for all views from the search engine’s point of view and from the user’s point of view (tablet view, smartphone view and full screen view).

  • Make sure your website is crawlable and provide a XML sitemap in case it is not 100% crawlable.
  • Your blog design should be flexible as content variation will require it.
  • Make sure your contact page works in all views. Tablet, desktop and smartphone users should be able to stumble across your contact information without any difficulties.
  • Keep your loading times light and design all views taking into account loading times for each device.
  • Always remember to take local SEO requirements in mind when designing for all devices (tablet, smartphone and full screen).
  • A SEO-friendly website shouldn’t be created just to offer you a superior SERP ranking. It should facilitate people’s access to premium content and limit their access to shallow; irrelevant web writing that makes them waste time.

At Cohlab, we do everything in our power to bring you result-oriented SEO web design plus the best mix of search engine marketing strategies delivered to reinforce your online presence and help you win big.