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How to Convert to a Mobile Website without Taking Any Chances

Tablet and Mobile Version of WebsiteIt’s no secret that Google supports mobile-friendly website design. After all, search engines strive to guarantee a flawless web experience for all users, no matter what type of devices they use to surf the Internet. Does this mean that traditional websites reflecting the supremacy of the heavy desktops could become a thing of the past? For now, let’s say that business owners should try to convert to a mobile website version as soon as possible. Why? To satisfy your curiosity, you’d have to take a closer look at the ongoing mobile revolution in numbers:

  • 91% of all living, breathing people own and utilize a mobile device on a daily basis. 56% of them are the proud owners of a smartphone.
  • Half of all mobile users consider their phones their number one Internet source.
  • 72% of all the people who have a tablet use it to make online purchases on a weekly basis.

Need another reason to convert your traditional webpage to a fully optimized, user-friendly mobile website? We’ll give you three great ones.

1) Mobile-friendly websites will always be in fashion. Why? They will always be appreciated because they are practical, awesome-looking, and address the pressing needs of tablet and mobile users.

2) Some of your main competitors are most likely ready to become a part of the global mobile revolution. They would be willing to convert to a mobile website and “steal” a significant percentage of your clientele. Don’t let it happen!

3) No matter how amazing, user-friendly, and content-rich your traditional website may be it will still seem virtually indecipherable on a tiny tablet and smartphone screen.

So now you know why it is so important to wow your potential buyers with an exceptional mobile website. But how could you actually profit from this major improvement? In this case, you have two main options at hand.

a)      The DIY Approach

You could choose to test the effectiveness of an online mobile web builder and come up with a mobile version of your webpage in less than an hour. By using an application, you could gain more control over the looks and the functionality of your new webpage. However, if you know very little or nothing at all about mobile website design how could you possibly make an inspired decision? Well-known web builders tempt potential buyers with rapid conversions and comprehensive customization. Nonetheless, if you’re not willing to settle for anything less than extraordinary results, it is advised to discuss your options with a skilled web developer.

b)     Professional Web Development and Design Services

Don’t let an amateur plumber fix your pipes, don’t let an inexperienced mechanic replace your brake pads, and don’t try to create a mobile version of your site on your own if you don’t have remarkable skills and expertise in this department. Let the experts do the heavy lifting. This way, you’ll manage to take pride in a SEO-friendly, appealing, well-structured mobile website designed to support thousands of mobile devices.

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