What Is Google Places and How Could It Help You Attain Your Business Goals?

What Is Google Places and How Could It Help You Attain Your Business Goals?If you own a small business, you know how important it really is to reach your prospects, maintain a solid online presence, promote your goods and increase your revenues at the same time. Most likely, you are also aware of the fact that the Internet and its endless list of free and almost free tools and services give you the chance to grow a healthy company in no time, without breaking the bank to make it happen. Google Places is one of the most valuable aids that you could ever rely on to make your business much more visible locally, improve your rankings, profit from extremely effective local marketing strategies and make it easier for potential clients to find you.

What Is Google Places and How Can It Contribute to Your Business Success?

Google Places is a useful service that enables you to get your business listed on Google Maps. This means that your prospects won’t have any trouble locating you. Google Places lets you manage the details related to the physical location of your company and increase brand awareness.

By simply using Google Places, you can:

  • Verify and Edit Your Business Information. You should make sure that the info related to your business is both accurate and relevant.
  • Profit from Free Premium Options to Upgrade Your Business. With Google Places, you can make your listings even more attractive by adding video and photos.
  • Update and Manage Your Listing at Any Point in Time. You can edit and improve your local company listing anytime and also see how many potential clients have clicked on it.

All in all, this means that Google Places enables you to build a solid online presence and attract a larger segment of local clients, who are much more likely to respond to your calls to action and help you grow your business through word-of-mouth and positive reviews.

What Is the Difference Between Google Places and Google+ Local?

As Google+ Local is becoming increasingly popular in the local search world, more and more people can’t make a clear distinction between this service and Google Places. If the similarities between these two little helpers also make you feel confused, note that Google Places allows you to edit and manage your local business listing; Google+ Local lets you create and update a business page, where clients can review and rate your company. Basically, Google+ Local allows you to improve your visibility by becoming a part of the social sphere. If you want to profit from maximum benefits with minimal effort, you also have the opportunity to merge your Google Places info onto your page created on Google+ Local.

Optimizing Your Google Places ListingOptimizing Your Google Places Listing

It is extremely important to optimize your Google Places Listing and make it both user-friendly and search-engine friendly. To do this, you have to insert an ideal number of relevant keywords in your listing, and include quality photos and engaging reviews.

By using Google Places, you can improve your competitive edge and boost your popularity on local markets, where it would be a whole lot easier for you to get in touch with prospects who are constantly looking for businesses just like the one that you are running.