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What is Your Website’s Call to Action?

What is Your Website's Call to Action? Imagine, for a moment, that you had the ability to hop into your customer’s shoes and take a leisurely stroll through your company’s website. Would you find yourself traveling a path clearly marked with signs to guide your journey, or would you likely find yourself sitting, exasperated, at a fork in the road not knowing which next step is necessary to reach your destination?

If the latter scenario is a more accurate representation of your website, then it is time to redefine your site’s purpose and develop a clear call to action to include on every page.

Importance of your Websites Call to Action

Your website’s call to action is one of the most important aspect of your site. Without it, many potential customers may browse your website but leave before you are able to convert them over to a lead and/or purchase.

In order to find a strong call to action, you simply need to decide what it is that you want your customer to do once they arrive on your site.

Do you want them to call you? Make sure your phone number is displayed prominently on every page of your site or have a link to your contact page readily available.

Do you want them to submit their email so you can gain a lead and have a means to communicate with them directly? Allocate a location on each page that allows them to easily submit their email. Keep in mind that, in this scenario, it may prove helpful to include the download for a free e-book or an alternative benefit for the customer as a reward for their email submission to help encourage action.

Your Call to Action Plan

But lastly, if you want an extremely effective and uncomplicated way to have a strong call to action, why not simply ask your customers to do something?  Ask them to call you at the number you have  provided, or tell  them to visit your Contact Us page and request a quote right away.

Just remember that, for whatever purpose your website serves, it must have a strong call to action. Otherwise, you will miss out on many opportunities to turn potential customers into sales.