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Why a Successful SEO Strategy Includes Blogging

Blogs are everywhere. Everyone is blogging from mom’s who blog about their children, clubs that blog about their activities, and businesses who blog about their industry. A successful business blog has become a necessity when it comes to SEO strategy. They provide an enormous opportunity to reach new audiences, build reputation, and increase credibility. Social media sharing of your blog posts draws traffic to your website at a level that was previously only dreamed of. An SEO company includes blogs in their SEO strategy for their clients because blogs are an integral piece needed to reach your SEO goals.

At first glance, a blog may seem like a simple activity. How difficult can it be to write up a quick little post and throw it up on a website? In theory, it does seem easy. But simply having a blog without a strategy does not mean you will reap the benefits. A blog must be carefully crafted to ensure that the post is relevant, informative, useful, engaging, easily shareable, and includes relevant keywords. Creating blog content that meets those standards is still not enough to generate results. A plan for creating and delivering these quality posts on a regular basis with a specific focus in mind is also necessary to gain an edge in your industry. Putting together the importance of quality content and the strategic posting of differing content regularly takes time, effort, skill, and dedication.

What’s the Big Deal?

The big deal for having this type of content and strategy is due to the algorithms used by the major search engines. Google is focused on answering questions and leading people to the best websites for their queries. Their mission is to intuitively achieve this with the most current technologies and devices used by their audience. Their system is designed to seek out the highest quality content available and it does that very well.

In the past, having fresh quality content regularly was not nearly as important. Simply having text, regardless of the quality was sufficient, but those days are gone. Keywords in that text were the main driver of generating traffic through a search. However, the use of keywords was abused which confused the search engine algorithm to gain an advantage. Google developed and implemented a new algorithm to catch the instances of keyword stuffing and reward quality content with higher rankings. The new algorithm is named Hummingbird. Google announced the name was representative of the goal to be both fast and precise. It is the most dramatic rewrite of the Google algorithm since 2001, and went live around August 13, 2013. This new algorithm required many SEO strategy changes including the high level of importance placed on quality content.

Creating Quality Content

High Quality Content for BlogsQuality content is written text that is not only optimized for the algorithms, but also that will grab the attention of the reader and encourage them to share it within their circles through social media. The first order of business for quality content is that it must be unique. Writing the same words that can be found on any number of other websites is not going to generate any interest. You also need to have content written in such a way that will grab the reader and engage them. You have approximately three seconds to do this, and if you don’t, your post will never be read. Also, keyword usage must be very carefully used. Keywords are still used by the algorithms and can be used to really improve your reach, however there is a fine line between keyword success and keyword abuse.

The relevancy and timeliness of your content is also a necessary consideration. You may have the world’s greatest blog post, but if you post it and wait months before adding any fresh content, there is no reason for people to come back to your site. Posting fresh content often will do more than just keep your audience; it will also give you a huge boost with the algorithms. They are designed to seek out instances of fresh content and reward that content generously.  The content should also be tuned in to the trends and activities within your industry and your posts need to be current. Posting outdated content will only ensure that your audience is going elsewhere. Additionally, your blog needs to provide a benefit to the audience for reading it. It must be relevant and either educate or entertain the reader. In short, they need to get something in return for their time.

And though it may seem elementary, your content must be grammatically correct. Typos, misinformation, and poor grammar are a reflection of your business. Your reputation can be damaged and these types of errors make your business appear unprofessional. The quality of your content is closely connected with people’s beliefs about your products and services. Having poorly written content is an indication that your business is poorly operated and can serve to benefit your competition. The information you provide should also be well structured. Your piece should not be difficult to follow or confusing. It must be pleasant to read and easy to digest the information you are presenting.

How SEO Companies Develop Content

Quality content comes from experienced writing skill, specialized marketing technique, and a deep knowledge of SEO and its current trends. It is a team effort and SEO companies utilize the skills and talents of multiple individuals to create the type of content that makes a difference. They will have developed a system to efficiently move the content from idea, to writer, to SEO implementation and link building, then to actually publishing the article on your website. Tracking is also an important aspect of any SEO content strategy. Keeping tabs on measurable details such as the number of views or how often it is shared provides a record of success, a measure of ROI, and a guide to elicit improvement.

Cutting corners when it comes to content is a common practice, especially when the marketing budget is tight. Knowledge of how important quality content has become is not as well-known as you may think. This lack of importance on the content companies are posting can actually be a benefit to those who do understand just what a difference content makes. The rules have changed and companies who make an investment in an SEO company that provides this type of deliberate and focused content will have a leg up on those firms who haven’t yet received the message. Professional content marketing is not just another expense. It is in fact a valuable investment that truly makes the difference between a second page and a number one position in the search engines. The internet is massive and being noticed among the millions of other blogs that are published daily can be a challenge. Quality content is what makes the difference.

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