Connect Your Technology With Zapier

Most of us use a lot of different apps to get the job done. As the number of people online rises, smartphones and tablets become increasingly crucial, and the number of apps available skyrockets it is more important than ever for the apps that people use to seamlessly work together. The problem is, making the wide range of apps we use communicate takes a complicated and customized software package, one that is likely to be expensive. Fortunately, there is a platform that understands the communication needed for the different apps to interact, and does so easily and affordably. Zapier, founded in 2011, has made a big name for itself in the technology world. The reason for their growing success is the ability to take our apps and how we use them to the next level.

How Zapier Works

Zapier currently integrates over 300 different applications. When using Zapier, something done in one app is recognized by the platform, then your task is performed in another app. For example, you can create a “zap”, which is a plan for a task that you complete often, that will send a text message when you send a photo to a social network. Or, when you receive an email from a specific sender, it will automatically be added to Evernote. The platform will take a trigger and turn it into an action. Zapier also has the capability to do several API calls for each trigger or action.

Benefits of Zapier

For starters, the platform makes it easy to promote focus and do it in a way which saves both time and money. For companies, Zapier can control tasks that are repetitive tasks that are necessary every day, and allow you and your employees to spend their time on more strategic activities like increasing income or marketing. And, because of how Zapier is designed, it is possible for the everyday user to successfully create their connections, and eliminates the cost and time involved in hiring a specialized software developer or website application integration.

Any service that has an API can be integrated into Zapier, and improvements by the company continue to increase what Zapier can do. It has created an opportunity for connect systems and apps that would have not been thought possible previously. It has provided the ability to connect different sources of data, and make that data mobile that previously may have cost millions of dollars with severely limited application.

Constant and in Real-Time

Another great thing about Zapier, is that is gives the user a real-time dashboard that allows changes to triggers and actions at any moment. It has never been easier to connect multiple email addresses, social media networks, and a massive number of apps to work together so beautifully. If you’ve been searching for a way to connect your apps and allow them to perform like never before, your search is over. Zapier is the answer to help improve data flow, open up more time, and eliminate the costly implementation that was limiting in the past.

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