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How to Augment your Organic SEO with Paid Ads

While organic SEO is an effective tool to driving traffic to your website and increasing conversion rates, integrating smart, paid advertising into your SEO strategy will optimize the output from your website. According to the adword management firm, WordStream, paid ads can generate more than twice as many clicks as SEO. Even though paid advertising does lead to more clicks, more research indicates that good organic SEO drives initial traffic to websites. Combining great content with paid ads is the avenue for success, in fact a 2012 Google study showed that the click-through rates can increase as much as 34 percent.

Boost Ranking with Organic SEO and Paid Ads

Utilizing organic SEO and paid advertisements can also boost your content to the top of the search engine results page (SERP). This is extremely important if and when SEO guidelines change. Many businesses were shaken up when Google changed the way it ranked its content. The integration of paid ads can safeguard your content against changes in SEO links. Good paid advertising helps keep traffic pumping through your website while your SEO results are reconfigured to the necessary guidelines.

The cost of paid advertising is often one reason that companies may avoid it. Paid ads often range from pennies per click to many dollars per click, and can be more expensive when hiring a professional firm to manage paid campaigns. If expense is stopping you from using paid ads in your website strategy, try using them sparingly and measuring the results. Paid ads can be a great way build brand awareness. Use them to promote special events and get exposure that SEO cannot generate. If the sales acquired are worth the costs, and they should be, then make room in the budget for paid ads.

Cohlborate your Organic SEO and Paid Ads

Paid advertisements and organic SEO work together against paid traffic, meaning once customers know what they want to buy the chances of them purchasing a relevant, advertised product increases significantly. Therefore companies must create great content that will make consumers feel that they are an authority on the subject matter, then advertisements related to that content should be carefully integrated into the SEO to increase the likelihood of purchase.

In order to be seen as an authority figure on your website’s subject, experts suggest researching the best information providers in your niche. See what issues they are writing about and do the same. Monitor what keywords and search phrases visitors are using to find the competition’s website, and use these to drive more traffic to your content.

Flexibility through Organic SEO and Paid Ads

Once integrated into your organic SEO, paid ads offer speed and flexibility that SEO cannot generate. Companies can run broad matched paid search campaigns for a few days, then monitor the effects of paid ads to judge what ads are generating customer attention, and change what doesn’t work. Websites can’t survive by content alone. In order to drive constant and profitable traffic, you must integrate paid advertisements into your SEO strategy. Measure the results of your paid advertising, stick with the ads that generate the most profit and conveniently swap out the ones that don’t.

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