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Google Encourages Utilizing the AutoComplete Attribute for A Better User Experience

Internet forms are a vital attribute for websites today. Forms are the tools that have taken the internet from a source of information to a powerful marketing and communications platform for businesses and the clients they serve. If you’ve ever felt the frustration of coming across a form that lacked and AutoComplete attribute, you know why this feature is so important for a better user experience. Internet forms are one of the very best ways to receive information from prospective customers. Providing forms that are less tiresome to complete and less likely to contain errors are not something you should overlook or dismiss. This is becoming more and more important as people are increasingly accessing the internet using their mobile devices as well. There are several considerations concerning providing an excellent user experience with your website forms, and the AutoComplete feature is a valuable one. If your organization is not implementing AutoComplete and are lacking the level of success you hoped for, utilizing the feature can vastly improve your response rates and prospective sales.

What Is The AutoComplete Attribute?

In basic terms, the AutoComplete attribute determines whether your internet forms have AutoComplete enabled or disabled. When enabled, the visitor’s browser will automatically enter values based on values that a user has previously entered in similar fields on other websites. Webmasters and developers have the ability to label fields with common data types and do so without altering the user interface or backend. A title such as ‘name’ or ‘street address’ will automatically enter that data type for the user and eliminate the need to retype the information in each internet form they complete. This makes the user experience much easier and can significantly increase the likelihood the visitor will provide their valuable information.

Why Is AutoComplete Important?

Aside from the obvious benefit of increased leads and happier visitors, implementing AutoComplete is now officially encouraged by Google, the web search giant likely responsible for much of your web traffic. Although Google has not stated that the use of AutoComplete will be a factor in their web ranking algorithm, following the recommendations of Google is always a wise choice when it comes to your SEO strategy. The news was recently released on their Webmaster Central Blog that also provides links for assistance in utilizing the AutoComplete attribute on your web pages. It was also reported that the Google Chrome Browser is fully supportive of this attribute.

What Is the Bottom Line Regarding AutoComplete?

There are those who feel that AutoComplete should not be enabled, and reasons are given including password and security issues to the belief that it actually complicates or clutters the user experience rather than improving it. Whatever your stance may be, the fact is that Google recommends it, and for good reason. Unless there is an extreme and specific reason that your particular web form provides a better user experience without AutoComplete, it is probably a good idea to take advantage. Mobile web access is not going away, and the more mobile-friendly your site and your internet forms are, the more likely your business will continue to prosper.

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