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How To Get Backlinks For Your Website

Recently, we discussed the importance of backlinks as part of your SEO strategy. In this article, we will look how you can get backlinks to your website. One of the best ways to get backlinks is by having quality content. However, content alone is not a guarantee that you will get natural backlinks. Taking the time to build quality backlinks is a critical component of successful SEO. Your time will certainly not be wasted. There are many ways you can build backlinks to improve your search engine ranking. Understanding backlinks is important, but using that information to develop them is crucial. This article will share a few of the top ways to build quality backlinks.

Backlinks – Search Directory Listings        

Perhaps the most important way to generate backlinks is to make sure your site is listed in directories. The obvious list is of course Google. Making sure your site is listed on Google is of primary importance. Listing your site in the other major search engine directories is also important. A few examples include Bing, Yahoo, DMOZ, and others. Being listed is typically free. However, it can take a wait of up to two months to be included in the categories you choose. The added benefit is that your site is also given more exposure to search engines and potential customers.

Backlinks – Articles and Forums

Having a blog is an invaluable resource to generate backlinks to your website. A blog with quality content in article form can be shared in a variety of sources. Websites such as Ezine and HubPages allow you to post content in your area of expertise. You can also look for opportunities to guest blog for other related websites and include a link back to your own. Forums are another excellent resource. Look for forums in your field and post or answer questions from other forum users. You can also comment on blogs you find and include a link to your website as well. It is wise to make sure that whenever you post, the forum or blog allows you to add a link. Also, be careful to watch out for instances where the forum or blog administrator can edit your comment or content.

Backlinks – Press Releases

Similar to your posting in blogs and forums, there are many places on the internet that allow you to post press releases or news announcements. Some sites will charge for this. However, there are many that will allow you to post for free. Press releases may not be an everyday way to build backlinks, but when you have something newsworthy they can be an excellent option. A professionally written press release will build backlinks and help generate a great deal of traffic to your website.

Backlinks – What to Avoid

There are many great ways to build backlinks, and many ways you should avoid. Remember, you are trying to market your product or service, so it makes sense to generate backlinks from sites that are relevant or similar to yours. It is important to have backlinks. However, if they are not quality backlinks, they will not generate much traffic. You should especially avoid link exchanges. These programs claim to trade links. You will have little control over your backlinks, and those you trade links with could be a link farm. Using a link farm is a sure way to be penalized in your search engine rank and very harmful to your SEO.

These are a few of the common ways you can build quality backlinks to your website, and there are numerous others. Backlinks are significant and worth your time. Do your research and your efforts will pay off.

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