Top 3 Reasons to Send a Newsletter to Your Clients

This Just In – Top 3 Reasons to Send a Newsletter to Your Clients

Newsletters are not new. In fact, they have been used by companies, organizations, and many other entities for hundreds of years. First, the newsletter was printed, and either hand-delivered or mailed to recipients. Now, here in the digital age, the method of delivery may have changed, but the vital importance of them remains. Many feel that newsletters are rarely read, and a waste of valuable time and effort. Others often believe that they have little to share with their clients, and simply have nothing to say. In either case, they would be incorrect. It may be true that many newsletters are ignored because many newsletters are done wrong. Moreover, it may be true that you have little to say, but that is only because you are not trying to say the right things. Newsletters to your clients is an exceptionally valuable practice for numerous reasons. Below, you will find the top 3.

Newsletter Reason 1: Re-Engagement

As a business owner, you are probably not blind to the fact that it costs far more to generate new clients than to utilize past ones. There are several factors that make this true. First, marketing and advertising to gain new customers is expensive. Merely informing the public about your brand, product, or service requires careful planning, exquisite execution, and high expense. Even once you’ve captured their attention, you must carefully manage any interaction to gain their trust and their business. Existing clients already know who you are and what you provide. Furthermore, you have already earned their trust. Marketing to them is easily done. Sending past clients a newsletter will show your interest in them, entice them to return, and enhance your image in their minds. There is no need for expensive or lengthy campaigns to achieve it. Only a simple newsletter sent to their inbox is required.

Newsletter Reason 2: Did You Know?

In many cases, past clients had a need, they found that your company can meet that need, they purchased your product or service, and then went about their lives. Because of the global marketplace created by the Internet, and the shift to search engines for any information desired, it is important to make sure your past clients realize you have a lot more to offer. They may not know that you make vacuums as well as televisions. Alternatively, they may have missed your tax preparation services while using your accounting package. A newsletter is an excellent way to feature other ways you can serve them that may have no idea you offer. If they already know you, trust you, and now realize you can meet another need they have, a newsletter is a sure way to guarantee they come to you first.

Newsletter Reason 3: Why We Love You!

Without happy customers, you will not last long in the heavy competition out there. You are likely not the only company that offers what they need. That being the case, it is critical that you make nonprofityour clients feel special. Often, companies will occasionally receive glowing reviews or testimonials from these happy customers. Studies have shown that positive testimonials from past clients are a critical driver for increased sales. A newsletter offers you a phenomenal platform to gain more testimonials, and showcase new ones from current customers. Just ask for them in the newsletter. Alternatively, you could offer a gift card, discount, or some other form of appreciation for testimonials to increase those you have.

There are numerous other reasons why it is so important to send a newsletter to your clients. Informing them of a new address, showcasing a new product, or offering informative and compelling content that helps them meet a need are just a few. Newsletters are a very powerful tool that are relatively easy to create, are very inexpensive, and deliver significant gains. If you are not utilizing this tool, now is the time to begin. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Take advantage and start your newsletter today!

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