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Top Marketing News: Google Reviews Matter Even More

Think back for a moment on the most recent purchases you made. Before making those purchases, did you look at any reviews to ensure you were making a wise choice? The fact is that online reviews are becoming more and more important. Mobile users are looking to the web to find out what others experienced whether you are a restaurant, a mechanic, a retail store, or any other local small business. We have been noticing a trend toward review importance recently and believe that it is becoming crucial to have positive online reviews to boost your search engine optimization (SEO) marketing results. We have also been chatting with many of our clients who report that their positive reviews are used by many of their customers, and they are judged based on those reviews. We wanted to discuss this trend in a bit more detail and provide you with an example of what we are seeing.


Google Reviews Matter Even More

The goal of digital marketing and SEO is to boost your search engine ranking for maximum exposure. The goal is to be found by those searching for what you offer and to entice the customer to choose you. For small businesses, this exposure is exceptionally important. We have been witnessing how positive reviews are making a large difference in who is listed at the top of the rankings. We wanted to show you an example of this trend. If you were to search for “restaurants in Maple Grove”, you will notice that the restaurants who have reviews are listed at the top. You will also notice that instead of seven, there are now only three. Those three dominate with high reviews and a large number of reviews. This demonstrates that having a higher number of positive reviews has quite an impact for you on Google locally.

How Do You Rank?

Local SEO is critical, and can be valuable for local small businesses. When people in your area search for products and services, you want to be at the top of the local results Google provides them. There are many different factors involved that will affect your ranking, including the use of positive reviews. We have noticed that Google no longer features seven related businesses at the top, and now only offer three. We also noticed that those three all have many positive customer reviews. It is important to understand where you rank. Cohlab provides a way to do so. Just enter your business in the local SEO search box above the map, and check how your own local listing appears to potential clients. Understanding where you are is an excellent foundation for improving your visibility online, and boosting your business through successful SEO optimization and digital marketing.

At Cohlab, we fully understand the importance of SEO and digital marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy, and how positive reviews can have a large impact on your reach. That is why we partner with you and take the time needed to ensure you get the most out of your efforts. We “cohlaborate” with you to generate the right message, and our strategy has proven to be greatly successful for digital marketing clients. Use our complimentary Digital Marketing Scorecard to gain valuable insight on how you compare to others. Our team would love to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. Our mission is to provide you with Cohlaborative digital marketing solutions to meet your organization’s needs.