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Top 7 Related Content Marketing Searches and Why They Are Crucial

The term content marketing can sometimes mean different things to different people. In some cases, a person may not have a solid grasp of its meaning. In essence, content marketing is the creation of content and the sharing of that content with the goal of attaining and retaining customers. Content is simply information. The information created may be presented in a number of different ways including news articles, blog posts, web page content, case studies, infographics, and many others. The content, in whichever form, must be carefully crafted to target the right people with the right information at the right time. It is a component of any successful marketing campaign in our digital world.

Content marketing has experienced unprecedented growth thanks to improved digital and mobile technology, and that trend will only continue to grow. Traditional marketing techniques including television commercials, online banner ads, and print advertising are becoming far less effective. This is no secret to those in the field of marketing, and they have been forced to seek out ways to improve their marketing strategy through the successful use of content marketing.

Content Marketing Searches

In case you are not familiar with Google Trends, it is a tool that can be used to check the searching habits of Internet users, and track the popularity of a search term over time. This can be a powerful tool when seeking out effective keywords to use in your content marketing. However, it also shows how the term “content marketing” itself is becoming vastly more popular as time goes by. For example, in September of 2015, the search index for “content marketing” was valued at 100. In September of 2010, just five years ago, the term was evaluated at a minuscule 16. Google Trends has clearly shown that more and more, people understand the need for content marketing, and people are seeking out information to use content marketing effectively.

Top 7 Related Content Marketing Searches

Along with the term itself, Google Trends also displays the most popular search terms that are related to “content marketing.” Reviewing these top 7 related content marketing searches can be telling, and are a good indicator of why our position is that content marketing and related searches will only continue to grow. Below is the current list of top related searches, as well as their current search index value.

#1 – What Is Content? (100)

#2 – Social Content Marketing (95)

#3 – Content Marketing Institute (85)

#4 – Content Strategy (75)

#5 – Social Media Marketing (75)

#6 – Content Marketing Strategy (75)

#7 – Best Content Marketing (65)

What makes this list so interesting, is that it clearly shows that people are seeking out more information to educate themselves about what content marketing is, and how they can use it best. It only stands to reason is that as more and more people become educated about using content marketing, and learn the importance of it, the term will continue to grow in popularity. More and more people will begin to understand it, and create content that is related to “content marketing” in an effort to use content marketing themselves. The power of this term as a keyword and a common search query will grow, and so will the searches.

What’s the Point?

The point is that content marketing is becoming more popular in searches, because it is becoming a necessity to market effectively and grow a business. If a company does not use content marketing effectively, you can bet their competition will be. The point is that if you do not understand what content marketing is, why it is so critical to success, and how it can be done for the greatest effect, you will lose business. If you are not familiar with content marketing, or if you are not finding it to be effective, it may be time to seek out help from a professional marketing firm who specializes in the use of content marketing for SEO success.

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