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Website Design: A Different View – IPad vs. Laptop

We have mentioned many times in past blogs about the explosive growth of users browsing the internet using their mobile devices. Also, we’ve discussed the importance of responsive web design. The goal of digital marketing is to capture and retain visitors to your website, in order to generate leads and sales. The issue is if they visit your website on their device, and your site is not built to adapt to the smaller screen, it is not likely you will capture a new client. In fact, it is much more likely that you will lose one to a competitor. In this blog, we wanted to demonstrate responsive website design in action. We recently developed a website with alternate versions. For those on a laptop, when you visit the site you will experience the desktop version. If you were to look at the same website on your IPad, you would see the mobile version. So, what is the difference? There are several.

Website Design: Laptop or Desktop Version

The website we designed,, will look great on your desktop or laptop. When you reach the site, you will experience a full-screen version that fits the width of your screen, with a vertical slider to move down to the rest of the content on that page. There is a menu at the top that allows you to move quickly to other pages on the site. The page features two columns. One column displays their most recent blog posts while the other provides updates and information valuable to their customers. On a laptop or desktop, it looks like any other typical website.

Website Design: IPad or Android Version

When you visit on your IPad or Android device, you will have a much different experience. Because the screen is smaller, the site will detect the type of device you are using, and adapt accordingly. The IPad version has only one column. The relevant information is listed first, and as you scroll down, you will see the recent blog posts. By placing the columns atop one another, it eliminates the need to scroll horizontally to attempt to see the whole page. The slider that is displayed on the laptop version is removed, and the menu is conveniently inserted into a dropdown button. This allows you to see all the page options, again, without the need to scroll. In either landscape or portrait, the IPad or Android version provides an improved viewing experience, making it easier to navigate and read the content on your site.

Website Design: IPad vs. Laptop

When building your website, and attempting to gain the most from your digital marketing strategy, it is crucial that you take into consideration how different users may interact with your site. In today’s world, you can be sure that visitors will access your page from various devices, and the experience they have should be tailored to that particular device. If you have ever tried to navigate a web page on your mobile device that was not built to adapt to it, you know how frustrating it can be to find on that site what you are seeking. Making your site responsive, and able to adapt to the differing devices it will be accessed on is no longer an option. To compete and generate leads and customers from your digital presence must be optimized for viewing, whichever way the visitor happens to be using.

“Cohlaborate” With Cohlab

At Cohlab, we have worked closely with many businesses to help them achieve great success in their web design efforts. Our team can ensure that regardless of the device, whether a laptop or IPad, your visitors will have the best viewing experience possible. We also work to provide you with comprehensive SEO and digital marketing services that assist you in becoming a force in the search engine results. Use our complimentary Digital Marketing Scorecard to gain valuable insight on how your website rank compares to others. We are also glad to answer any questions you may have and provide Cohlaborative digital marketing solutions to meet your company’s needs.