Santa Taking a Cookie

The Night Before Digital Christmas | Cohlab Rendition

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the place,
Not a computer was running, not even a trace.
The website was now live and the phone would be answered with care,
In hopes that new business soon would be there. 

The owners were nervously nestled in bed,
While visions of new customers danced in their heads.
But without a digital strategy and no specific customer in mind,
Clients who needed them would be hard to find.

Despite being online for quite some time, there still was no chatter,
They called up Cohlab to see what was the matter.
And away to the analytics, we flew like a flash,
And found the root of the problem in a dash.

After creating the marketing strategy, we went straight to work,
We posted and linked for inbound to lurk.
Digital marketing and a strategy is where it’s all at,

Doing this will get you customers in a drop of a hat.

With newly created content and sprinkles of SEO,
the website went right to work with rankings to show.
When what to my wondering eyes should start to appear,
but ratings, reviews and leads that last all the year.

We sprang from our desks and let out a hoot,
And away the owners went to count their loot.
As we left their office and turned out the light,
The owner yelled back “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!”