Branding and SEO: Top of Mind, Top of Search

Think back about whether or not the following scenario has happened to you. You were in your car listening to the radio and heard an advertisement for a product or service you need. However, when you get home, you cannot remember the name of the company. Alternatively, perhaps a friend gave you a stellar reputation for a local company, and when you go to find them, you cannot think of who they are. For a moment, let’s say you have been having a problem with a leaky drainpipe under your sink. You need a plumber, so you enter the term “plumbers in (my city)” into Google. If you knew the company you wanted, but couldn’t remember the name, you may have that aha moment when you see it on the screen, and your memory returns. Alternatively, let’s imagine the same scenario and when the list comes up, you have a number of options. You are probably going to click on the one you are most familiar with, have heard was a great plumber, and who seems to be the expert because of their image in advertising in the local community. These examples are a perfect explanation of why having a strong brand, as well as strong SEO, is so important.

Top of Mind and Top of Search

We’ve talked at length, repeatedly, about how important strong SEO is for your company. In fact, not a blog post goes by where it is not mentioned somewhere. The fact is, as important as a successful and carefully planned SEO strategy is, there is another component that is also of vital importance. Your branding, or the image or idea that potential customers experience from your company’s advertising, visual look, reputation, and several other factors is also crucial to be strong. SEO and Branding go hand in hand as demonstrated in the above examples. If you have, a strong brand image, but people do not find you at the top of the search listings when looking for your number or doing research among your competitors, you are missing an enormous opportunity. On the other side of the coin, if you have strong SEO and appear as one of the top options in a search, but your brand is weak, your SEO alone may not be enough to convince your audience to choose you. Especially if your branding is poor, and your competitor’s is stellar. Having a strong brand keeps your company at the top of your prospect’s mind, and strong SEO keeps you at the top of the search engine results. This is a powerful combination.

A Whole New World       

In the past, it was the phonebook that people relied on to find the companies offering the products and services they need. The phone book is virtually dead now. People instead use the internet to find those companies. When someone has a problem that your business can solve, if you are basing your marketing strategy on successful branding and a color ad in the phone book, you are looking for trouble. Here it is again: SEO is critical to be a successful small business. It is no longer an option to have a mediocre website, even if you have a powerful brand. You may survive, perhaps even comfortably with one or the other depending on the circumstances. However, it will be exceptionally difficult to grow. Marketing is as important now, if not more so than it has ever been. It is just that the marketing strategies and methods that work have changed. If you want to maximize your results from your branding efforts or multiply your success using powerful SEO, a combination of the two is by far your best bet.

At Cohlab, we fully understand the importance of combining strong organic SEO with strong branding, especially for small and medium-sized businesses competing both locally and globally. It is critical that your branding positions you as the expert, builds trust, and keeps your company at the top of your public’s mind. It is also essential that your SEO strategy keeps your business at the top of the search rankings so that the same public can find you easily. That is why we work closely with you, and take the time needed to ensure you get the most out of your efforts in both arenas. We “cohlaborate” with you to build and maintain the best SEO strategy for you unique business. We also help to integrate your brand into your digital success. Our approach is proven greatly successful for our digital marketing clients.

Use our complimentary Digital Marketing Scorecard to gain valuable insight on how you compare to others. Our team would love to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. Our mission is to provide you with Cohlaborative digital marketing solutions to meet your organization’s needs.