New Smart Goals in Google Analytics

Adwords Smart Goals is a new feature offered by Google that helps you optimize your keywords and marketing in AdWords.  It’s a part of the Google Analytics suite of tools for webmasters and is designed to help you measure conversions, or when users go from website visitors to actively doing something on your site (buying something, joining a mailing list, or whatever action you want them to take).  If you’re looking for a new way of tracking conversions beyond what AdWords already offers, then you’ll want to take a look at Smart Goals.

A New Option for Small Businessesstocksnap_ivy2vg1mad

While AdWords and Google Analytics are excellent tools, many small businesses aren’t using them to measure conversions.  In fact, they’re not using any tool at all.  Some haven’t implemented a way to convert visitors into customers, while others don’t have the technical skills to add any sort of conversion tracker to their website.  

This is one of the reasons Google has created Smart Goals – it makes it very easy for even the most novice computer user to add conversion tracking to their website, and it provides the data needed to analyze marketing campaigns and optimize future ones.  You don’t have to change any of the tags on your site or do much of anything to implement it, either.

How Smart Goals Works

Smart Goals takes information gained from thousands of different websites that already make use of Google Analytics and distills the information down to a number of different key factors that indicate a user will convert to a customer.  These factors include things like the device used, how many pages of a website the user visited, and how long they were on the website.  Smart Goals can then compare your website’s information to these factors to determine how likely you are to get conversions.  Note that for Smart Goals to truly be effective, you need to have a minimum of 1,000 AdWords clicks within 30 days to provide the system with enough data.

Adding Smart Goals to Your Website

Adding Smart Goals to your site is very simple.  All you have to do is follow these three steps:

  1. Go into the Admin part of Google Analytics, click on Goals, and then click on Smart Goals.  This automatically turns your top visits into your Smart Goals.
  2. Go into AdWords and import your Smart Goals.  
  3. Now that your Smart Goals are in AdWords, you can optimize for them.  You can then set your target cost per acquisition.  This will optimize your costs based on potential conversions, not just clicks.

If you need assistance with adding Smart Goals to your website and optimizing your conversions give Cohlab Digital Marketing a call or contact us using our contact form.