3 Exciting Facts About Responsive Small Business Websites

Originally Published November 2013 | Updated October 2019

A recent survey published by Clutch indicates that small businesses want to build websites, but find cost, irrelevance, and social media as obstacles. With less than two-thirds of small businesses having a website, getting your own responsive small business website can be a huge boost to your business.

With the majority of Americans accessing the internet through multiple channels each day – computers, smartphones, tablets, even audio devices like Google Home – having a website optimized for any screen is increasingly important. Let’s look at three things that you most likely didn’t know about responsive small business websites and how they can help your business grow.

Small business owner in apron making coffee

What Do You Need To Know About Responsive Small Business Websites?

1. A Responsive Website Displays Your Business In The Best Light

Less than half of small businesses had a website before 2017, and while the number will grow, having a responsive website is still a way to standout in the crowd. When a website only looks good on a desktop or laptop, that business will lost potential customers who are finding them via mobile search results or coming in via a social media app.

Undoubtedly, a standard webpage will scare away a large number of potential clients. On the other hand, a responsive website helps you build solid relationships with all categories of clients, highlights the unique attributes of your brand and products and helps Google rank you higher in search results for your keywords.

2. Responsive Small Business Websites Allow You Create A Cohesive Brand Identity

Stay one step ahead of your main competitors. Responsive small business websites address the needs of smarthpone and tablet customers, but also display well on any size desktop monitor. Boost your conversion rates and bring your brand into the spotlight.

Small businesses fail because they choose to stick to outdated, dull websites and traditional marketing strategies. Don’t make the same mistake. Opt for a personalized, responsive website, get ahead of your competitors, and prove that you are a leading player in your field of business.

3. Responsive Small Business Websites Help Promote Your Business Both Online and Offline

Responsive websites are awesome for a number of reasons: they bring in more clients, help you sell better, and reinforce your online presence. In addition, they also bridge the enormous gap between online and offline marketing strategies by making your website available on the go on smart phones and tablets. Responsive small business websites help you connect with your targeted audience faster and easier than ever before.

At Cohlab, we take pride in building responsive websites that actually sell. We bring you the best search engine optimization practices designed to boost the profitability and the visibility of your company. Just give us a call and we’ll guide you towards cost-efficient improvements that will allow you to reach your business goals.