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3 Ways that Tesla and Digital Marketing are the Same

Tesla Motors has slowly made its presence felt in the United States car industry. A combination of product differentiation, and supreme customer service has taken Tesla motors from a small start up to a major player in the automotive industry. Initially viewed as an overpriced boutique car for the rich, Tesla barely registered on the radar of most major car dealers. Now the brand is seen as a viable threat to the entire automotive manufacturing and marketing industry. But sleek and sophisticated car design, and cutting edge technology, are not the only reasons that Tesla Motors is becoming a consumer favorite. Many in the automotive industry attribute its success to a well-designed digital marketing strategy. Check out these three ways that Tesla and digital marketing in general have taken the world by storm.

Digital Marketing & Tesla Blow Away the Competition and Deliver

Digital marketing is not a buzz word, it’s the lifeblood of the modern company. Investment in a solid and progressive digital marketing strategy is an investment in the prolonged success of your company. Digital marketing is more than just a company webpage; it exploits all of the digital tools at the disposal of the modern consumer. This includes websites, television, smartphones, email, QR codes, augmented reality, and more. At the heart of any impactful digital strategy is knowing the way that your target audience prefers to communicate and exploiting these channels.

Tesla has differentiated itself from the competition by actually being as good as they claim. Like digital marketing, the brand simply performs when utilized to its full potential. For example, Tesla’s Model S creators claim that the car can travel 250 miles on one charge. This has been tested and proven true, and has even been exceeded by some drivers.

Use of Social Media and Support

Social media is one effective instrument of digital marketing. Social media spaces like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumbler, Vine, and Youtube have connected businesses to their customers in new and unimaginable ways. Today’s customers expect an online presence. Companies who manage to establish daily interaction with customers develop customer and brand loyalty, plus their customers have a more positive view of them. Loyalty combined with trust and optimism leads to more sales.

Tesla has a reputation for going above and beyond in their customer support efforts. For example, Musk is working with Tesla to create a network of charging stations across America so that Tesla customers can charge up for free. Owners of Tesla’s Model S can look forward to having follow-up service delivered to their door.

Connect with Customers

Digital marketing will only really work if it connects companies with their consumers. Proper market segmentation and analysis will allow for companies to send specialized messages to different segments of their base via mobile phones, emails, and other forms of personal devices. This drastically increases the likelihood of sales and conversions.

Tesla’s level of dedication to customer service sets them apart from other car companies. A stroll through their retail store shows how much Tesla cares about satisfying their customers. Brand representatives float through the crowd to answer customer questions. A design studio allows customers to customize their own vehicles, surfing through various interiors, exteriors, and accessories.

Tesla and digital marketing share a few important traits that make them both highly efficient. They both deliver great results when handled properly, use social media and support to create loyalty, and connect with customers on deeper and more profitable levels.

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