Marketing Monday: 6 Best Website Analysis Tools For Marketing

Originally Published March 2020

In this vlog and blog, we’ll preview six amazing website analysis tools for marketing. We’ll look at how they work, why they’re the best, and how to access them:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Lighthouse
  • Down For Everyone Or Just Me
  • Broken Link Checker
  • BuiltWith

Also, be sure to check out our YouTube video on “6 Best Website Analysis Tools For Marketing” if you prefer to watch rather than read.

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1. Google Search Console


Google Search Console is a search-engine focused tool which gives insight into your website search engine traffic to improve visibility and presence in search results.

Once you add and verify your site through Search Console (see our video here:
and add your website’s sitemap to Search Console (see our other video here:
you’ll have pretty complete control.

Why is Search Console important? Search Console gives you access to information about your site only you can access. you’ll be able to:

  • control which pages Google can crawl and place in search results
  • request a new crawl when needed
  • check for website page errors in search results
  • and troubleshoot why pages may or may not show up in search results

2. Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a user-oriented tool which gives data on those who visit and interact with your website.

Once you add a Google Analytics tracking code to your website (see our video here:
you’ll start getting info into your Analytics dashboard.

Why is Analytics important? Google Analytics gives you detailed information about your website visitors. You’ll be able to:

  • see what visitors find interesting on your site, where they spend time
  • see which pages turn visitors off and send them away from your site
  • compare the number of people who visit your conversion pages with the number of forms filled out

3. Google Lighthouse


Google Lighthouse is an open-source website auditing tool which helps increase the quality of your web pages by showing specific areas you can improve in.

No registration needed, just visit the page you want to audit in Google Chrome, open the browser menu, hover over More Tools, select Developer Tools, and choose Google Lighthouse Audit, or watch our video here:

Why is Lighthouse important? Google Lighthouse gives you a detailed audit of a single page, not the entire website, but can help:

  • improve your website speed
  • reduce the size of your website
  • improve your ranking in search results
  • improve search engine optimization
  • improve accessibility for people of every ability

4. Down For Everyone Or Just Me



Down For Everyone Or Just Me is tool for checking whether a website is down or not across the entire internet, just regionally, or locally.

If you think your website is down, don’t panic right away! Head to Down For Everyone Or Just Me, and enter the URL of the website you want to check.

Why is Down For Everyone Or Just Me important? It can save you a lot of worry and headachs if it’s simply that you need to refresh your browser. No need to sit on the phone with your website host for an hour to get a simple answer!

5. Broken Link Checker


Broken Link Checker is tool for checking a given page or entire website for broken links, or links which lead to dead pages.

Head to the Broken Link Checker website and enter the URL of the page or website you want to check. (see our video here:

Why is Broken Link Checker important? Broken links can cause frustration for your website visitors, and can cause Google to rank you lower in search results. It’s best to catch them early and switch the link out for something that works.

6. BuiltWith


BuiltWith is a tool for checking what CMS, hosting, plugins, and analytics a website was built with.

Head to the BuiltWith website and enter the URL of a given website. (see our video here:

Why is BuiltWith important? If you’ve lost control of your website from a bad designer or host, you can get a good idea of where it’s hosted here. Or, if you are wondering how a competitor added a certain feature to their website, this tool could give you a hint to how they’re doing it.

6 Best Website Analysis Tools For Marketing

Now you know six more great website analysis tools for marketing you can use for your company!

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