Digital Marketing News Weekly Highlights 3/17/2017

These are the digital marketing news highlights for the week ended 3/17/2017 found on various publications. For a link to each article, please look in the description below.

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McDonald’s has begun testing online orders through mobile phones in the US

Google’s security AI is now so smart it doesn’t need to ask if you’re “not a robot”

YouTube kills annotations to make way for mobile-friendly features

Google to fix missing data from Search Console analytics report soon

Niles is a Slack bot that learns your team’s questions and answers them so you don’t have to

This is how Russian hackers broke into millions of Yahoo accounts without passwords, according to the FBI

Netflix is replacing five-star ratings with thumbs up or down

Turner, Fox, Viacom to offer advertisers way to laser focus on audience

Getting Publicity Is Not Always The Best Strategy For Entrepreneurs