Marketing Monday: How To Get More Positive Reviews

Originally Published May 2020

In this vlog and blog, we’ll talk about how to get more positive reviews for your business. Specifically:

  • when to ask for positive reviews
  • how to ask for positive reviews
  • how to turn negative reviews into positive reviews
  • how to build a culture of positive reviews

Let’s learn together.

Also, be sure to check out our YouTube video on “How To Get More Positive Reviews” if you prefer to watch rather than read.

When To Ask For Positive Reviews

First, when should you ask for positive reviews? The answer is both simple and complicated.

The main thing to keep in mind is to try to only ask clients or customers who appear happy and satisfied, and not someone who looks like they just swallowed a bag of glass.

  • Maybe they’re making a follow-up purchase or order so you know they enjoyed the first one.
  • Maybe they’re referred another customer to you.
  • Maybe they’ve tagged your company on social media.
  • Maybe they just look happy and are sitting at that corner table in the restaurant right now.

Find that moment of happy and use it to get a review, and you’re more likely to have a positive review left.

The other part of when to ask for a positive review is shortly after you’ve asked for one. That’s right – you have to follow-up with your customer if they haven’t left you a review yet.

How To Ask For Positive Reviews

Next, how do you ask for positive reviews?

The gist of it is – keep your ask short, whether in person or by email. Be polite, be direct, and include an exact link of where you’d like them to leave the review. Don’t leave them on their own to find the right place in Google, Yelp, or Facebook to review you, that’s how you lose a positive review and end up with someone leaving a string of expletives on your review page.

How To Turn Negative Reviews Into Positive Reviews

How do you turn a negative review into a positive one? It might seem crazy, but you can try to turn that angry, pissed-off customer into an evangelist just by listening. For example, if someone left you a nasty review on Google, see if they’re right. Are they? If they are, God bless America, they just did you a favor! That is something you need to fix with your business.

Thank them, and ask them to contact you directly by phone or email to talk about how you’re going to fix the issue. When all is said in done, ask if they’d be willing to reconsider their review if they’re happy, and hopefully they’ll make a nice edit or leave a comment or another review so others can see that the issue was fixed!

How To Build A Culture Of Positive Reviews

Lastly, what in the name of banana shenanigans is a culture of positive reviews? Simply put, this means you should be responding to every review. I recommend checking all of your review sites once a week and replying to every review – positive, negative, blank, or false.

If you respond to every review on every site, people see that and think their review, whether positive or negative, will be recognized. And isn’t that what we all want, deep inside – to feel like our opinions, and thus ourselves, really matter? I think so.

Marketing Monday: How To Get More Positive Reviews

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