Marketing Monday: How To Get Started With Google For Business

Originally Published December 2019

Have you ever wondered why Google is really important for small businesses? Are you not sure how to get started and get your business on Google?

Today we’ll learn:

  • Why Businesses Need To Be On Google
  • What Services Google Offers To Boost Your Business
  • How To Create Your Google Account

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Title Card reading: How To Get Started With Google For Business, with Google logo on laptop screen.

Why Google Is Important For Small Businesses

To our first point, why Google is so important for small businesses? You already know that Google is an omnipresent factor in most Americans lives, from searches to maps, YouTube, and ads. But Google offers a number of services to make small businesses lives easier and get noticed by potential clients.

What Services Google Offers For Small Businesses

Google Ads

You may be familiar with Google Ads from search results. You’ll see text ads at the top and the bottom. But you’ll also see Google Ads as display ads on certain websites. Now this is great for reaching people who are in a certain region, a certain geographic area, as well as people who are searching for certain keywords.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner, within Google Ads, allows you to look at keywords people are using in search around your industry. Related keywords to the keywords you’re already using so that you’re better focusing your ads and SEO on your website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another Google tool that let’s you see where people are coming from to get to your website. Whether they’re coming from Google Search, Google Ads, social media like Facebook, they’re coming from other websites that link to you, or if they are typing in your address directly.

Once you see where they’re coming from, you can also see how long they stay on your website, how many pages they’re visiting, which pages they’re spending the most time on so you know which content has the most value and how many people are actually converting through your contact forms or your quote forms.

Google My Business

Google My Business is another great tool. This allows you to control a little bit more about how you appear in search results as well as Google Maps. So you can add in your own photos, make sure your address, phone number, website are all correct, you have the correct business name. Respond to reviews, respond to and ask your own business questions to better inform people about what kind of services your provide.

That allows you to appear in search results as a big rectangle on the side in Desktop, or directly in search results in mobile.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console allows you tomake sure your pages are being crawled by Google and if there’s an issue with the page, it’s not being crawled, that you can solve that quickly with Google Search Console.

Google Forms

Google Forms is a good way to create a survey to find out what your customers are thinking. Send it out with a single link, build your survey right in Google Forms, get all the responses right there.


We’re on YouTube building our brand right now, providing these videos to you. You can also do the same thing, provide that value with a Google Account through YouTube and you can easily embed those videos on your website as well.

How To Create A Google Account From The Ground Up

But, if you want to use any of these amazing services, you need a Google account.

First, head to

Choose “Create Account”, then “For Myself”.

Enter your first and last name.

Create a new Gmail or “Use current email”

Then set up a password. Click “Next”.

If using a non-Gmail address, verify with a test email.

Get the code from that email, put it in here, and click “Verify”.

Add personal info, like phone number, birthdate, gender.

Click “Next”.

Now you have your very own Google account. Use it to login to Ads, Analytics, GMB, Search Console, Forms, YouTube, and so much more.

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