How Gutenberg WordPress Editor Will Change The Face Of The Internet

If you own a WordPress site and are in charge of updating it, you’ve likely heard of Gutenberg. No, not Johannes Gutenberg, the German who created the printing press – though he does lend his name to our subject. The Gutenberg we’re talking about is the Gutenberg WordPress Editor, recently released as a plugin for WordPress but soon to be the default editor for WordPress in version 5.0.

Gutenberg’s printing press was a main catalyst for the Renaissance period across Europe and the Mediterranean. The WordPress development team definitely feels that the Gutenberg WordPress Editor will change the face of the internet in much the same way. Will it?

Let’s look at what Gutenberg WordPress Editor will do, for those used to handling WordPress and those coming to Gutenberg from other website editors like Weebly, Concrete5 and more.

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More With Less

Gutenberg will allow greater flexibility in design and text by using Blocks. Blocks is a new functionality which allows you to create things which were previously only possible with coding knowledge or plugins, which can slow down your site. This includes creating tables, buttons, columns, separators, pull quotes and more.

You can even create custom block types, if you’re adventurous enough. This will allow you to rely less on coding and plugins.


The “new internet” is a multimedia internet. Photos, slideshows, videos, gifs, podcasts and more all have their place now, not just text alone. With the Gutenberg WordPress Editor, you’ll be able to quickly and easily change out multimedia.

With current WordPress versions, you’d have to use plugins or rework your page multiple times to switch a single image out for a gallery or video representation. With Gutenberg, switching between different media forms is easy and done within the same Block without having to install anything new.

Natively Responsive

Current WordPress versions are not natively responsive to different devices, meaning your website may look well-put-together on a 21-inch MacBook screen, but will look jumbled and distorted on an iPhone screen or sparse and silly on a 29-inch monitor. To solve this currently, you’d need to purchase an appropriate theme or have one custom-coded for your website.

With Gutenberg WordPress Editor, every WordPress site updated to version 5.0 would natively be responsive to all different sized screens and devices, taking the guessing game out of your user’s end experience.

WSYWIG, But Good

Gutenberg will allow those without as much programming knowledge to have more control over the visual style of their website.

Many people love Medium blogs for their writing experience, or website editors like Squarespace for their ease of design, also known as “What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get” or WSYWIG.

With Gutenberg, you’ll get much of the same writing and design feel of these other options, but with the power and support of WordPress.

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