How To Create Content Consistently Without Burning Out

You’re not a machine – and just to be clear, neither are we. At Cohlab, we write all of our content by hand. Not a content mill or AI script in sight. But to create content consistently, isn’t it nice to have some sort of system set up?

It absolutely is. That’s why we recommend batching your content, just like you would your weekly meal prep. Let’s look into some tactics you can use to make your content less of a headache every month.

If you don’t have three minutes to read this whole article, check out our 30-second YouTube video on batching.

Create Content Consistently With Batching

So, let’s talk about batching.

Batch cooking is a way of making a ton of food ahead of time, say for an entire workweek, so you don’t have to cook on a Tuesday night when you’re feeling overwhelmed and tired.

Batch writing is the same way. When you feel energized and creative, THAT is the time to write. “Strike when the iron is hot”, and all that. Whether you’re trying to create a series of videos, blogs, social media posts or whatever, you need to do it when it’s most advantageous and when you’ll be the most efficient.

Don’t Wait For The Magic Moment Too Long

However, you don’t want to trick yourself into procrastinating. If you think you need to be in the perfect mood to create content consistently, you’ll never get there. Sometimes, you need to set the mood yourself so you can go the distance.

While you want to avoid burnout, you also want to avoid never getting any work done at all.

How To Organize Yourself For Consistent Content Creation

My favorite organizational method is a simple spreadsheet. Come up with content topics, descriptions, and dates you’ll work on them or when they’ll be published and hold yourself accountable.

You may go for something fancier depending on your medium – HootSuite or another social media posting platform may have a great social calendar you can use – many content management systems or CMS have calendars to help you organize your blog posts as well.

Whatever you do, create your schedule, set your goal and create your batch once a week or once a month, whatever seems reasonable for your schedule and needs.

When the mood strikes, you’ll be a lot more productive than trying to slog through it every day.