How To: Valentine’s Email Promotions For Small Businesses

Creating Valentine’s email promotions can seem daunting, especially if you’re new to email marketing or you feel your business isn’t related to Valentine’s Day. We’re here to help.

At Cohlab, we’ve been in your shoes before. We’re a small business too and had to learn how to market ourselves every step of the way. Hundreds of clients have relied on us to help them start their marketing journies since 2012.

Let’s look at a few tools to help get your Valentine’s email promotions off on the right foot. Give us a call if you need some help.

Easy-To-Use Email Marketing Tools

Gmail (With Plugin)

Yes, you can do email marketing within Gmail! You won’t get the depth of analytics you would with a paid service, but you can design and get a message out to your list quickly and cheaply.

There are a number of plugins out there which integrate with your Chrome browser and allow you to add templates to Gmail emails. One, in particular, is named Gmail Email Templates. You can make your own template or import one from MailChimp (see below).

The plugin adds a “template” button to every email you open, Simply select a template, edit it, then add individual emails to the BCC line of the email. Make sure you have permission to email these potential clients first – the worst thing you can do is email someone who doesn’t want to be emailed.


Getting started with MailChimp is free, and fairly straightforward. Make your free account, get it set up, and then you can begin designing pretty intricate emails right off the bat! You can even use MailChimp’s free templates if you don’t feel you have any good design ideas.

The editor is fairly intuitive, but if you need help you can always call on us. We’re MailChimp experts.

MailChimp requires you to have permission from your clients in order to email them, which is a really great feature. It has amazing analytics, so you can see who is opening your emails and what they’ve clicked on within it.

Valentine’s Email Promotions Ideas

Here are a few Valentine’s email promotions you could use or modify, depending on your industry. These may be offering a special or just a way to say “Thank You” to loyal customers.

Brick & Mortar Store/Restaurant

  • 14% Off Select Items
  • Get A _______ For $2.14 On Valentine’s Day!


  • Let Love Drive You – Test Drive Receives Plush Animal
  • Don’t Breakup With Your Car – 14% Off All Repairs Over $100
  • Need A Hookup This Valentine’s Day? We Offer Free Towing!

Light Manufacturing

  • We Believe In Love At First Weld
  • Let Us Build Something Custom For The Love In Your Life.
  • Iron Sharpens Iron. You Make Us Better.


  • Ready To Meet Someone New? Employers Are “Looking For Love”!
  • Get Hired Before Valentine’s Day!
  • Interview-To-Hire In 14 Days Or Less

Home Services

  • Love Is In The Air. Get Clean Air With HVAC Services!
  • Love Means Never Having To Say “The Toilet Is Overflowing”
  • Fill Your New Home With Love – & Clean Carpets!


  • Love Means: White Teeth & A Beautiful Smile
  • It’s Heart Health Month. Get A Checkup!
  • Depression Can Strike Anytime.