Marketing Monday: How To Verify A GMB Location You Can’t Get A Postcard To

Originally Published July 2020

In this video and blog, we’ll talk about how to verify a GMB location you can’t get a postcard to arrive at.

After watching this video you’ll be able to get your business online which isn’t easily able to get a postcard. You might be a business which shares an address with another business, you may be only have PO Box access with no mail delivered directly to you, you may be in a mall, etc. Watch to the end of the video for all of the tools and tips you need, as well as when you can ask me questions live on Facebook.

Let’s learn how to verify your GMB location, the hard way, together.

Also, be sure to check out our video on “How To Verify A GMB Location You Can’t Get A Postcard To” if you prefer to watch rather than read.

So, you’ve been trying for a few weeks to get a Google My Business Postcard to arrive. Note: This option is for the people who don’t have the ability to just call or text verify your business with an established phone number – that’s obviously the easiest option.

12-Step Non-Postcard Process

You’ve had Google send the postcard, waited 5-7 days and resend it, waited 5-7 days and resend it. Once you get past about 14-21 days of waiting, you can try to verify your business through Google My Business’ support team. Let’s walk through how to do this step by step.

  1. Open and login to Google My Business (, and select the location you’re working on if you have multiples.
  2. On the left-hand side menu, down at the bottom, click “Support”.
  3. Box pops up on the right, at the bottom click “Contact Us”.
  4. Type in what you need help with, “GMB Postcard has not arrived multiple times.” Click “Next Step.”
  5. Confirm the issue, click “Postcard didn’t arrive.” Scroll down, click “Next Step.”
  6. Contact options, click “Email”.
  7. Fill out information:
    – name
    – email that is admin over the account
    – business name
    – maps link if applicable or dashboard link
    – consent
    – USA
    – via email
    – cell phone number
  8. Photos. 3-5 unedited photos of:
    – The business’ storefront as seen from the street and/or in front of your store.
    – The signage showing the name of the business and its entrance
    – The inside of the business, as a customer see when entering.
    – If available, a link showing Google Street View imagery of the street and or neighborhood in which your business is located.
    – If applicable – name and website URL of the venue in which your business resides, like a shopping mall.
  9. Include that Google Stree view link in the Optional Information box.
  10. Relationship – owner, manager, agency.
  11. Case ID – probably none
  12. Click “Submit”.

You’ll get an email almost immediately at the address you provided confirming receipt of your information. During COVID, things may be slower, but a reply from a human could be expected within 24 hours after that initial email. They will either confirm that the photos were enough proof OR they will say that they weren’t, and ask to set up a video meeting.

This is a Google Meet video call between you and a Google My Business representative where they take a live look around your business. As of July 2020, they are available for these video calls Monday through Friday from 8 AM-4 PM Central Time (this may change by one hour during daylight savings time), and they will use Google Meet to handle the call. You can either download the Google Meet app, or provide them a phone number so they can send you an invitation, which requires no download.

Once you get through the video call, you should have a verified Google My Business listing in your hands.

Marketing Monday: How To Verify A GMB Location You Can’t Get A Postcard To

I hope this video on how to verify a GMB location you can’t get a postcard to really *delivered* for you.

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