Marketing Monday: How To Write A Blog Worth Sharing

Originally Published February 2020

In this vlog and blog, we’ll explain:

  • How To Format Your Idea
  • How To Design Your Page
  • How To Check Your Writing

Writing a shareable blog is no simple feat. Let’s get into blog styles, help with grammar, and designing your page.

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How To Format Your Blog Idea

So, how do you format your idea? The first thing you want to do is figure out what problem you’re solving with this blog.

  • Are you answering a particular question that a lot of people have about your industry or about your company?
  • Are you showing them how to do something that you do well at your company that you can share with them, kind of like these videos?

The other thing to keep in mind when you’re getting your idea ready is keeping it easy to read. Making sure that you’re using headers properly. Within WordPress or any other CMS you’re going to be able to label H1, H2, H3 headers, all the way down to H6 although we don’t usually go that far.

These are showing Google and other search engines how to rank your content. It also helps readers organize how they’re looking at it they can look through quickly, scan through, find the main ideas in those headers and find sub-ideas as well.

Another thing to keep in mind is formatting, keeping paragaphs shorter, maybe 3-4 sentences max, that way it’s easier to read on a mobile device.

The other thing to consider with your idea is the format it’s going to take. Will it be a How-To article, will it be a series of questions, or will it be a listicle, giving examples.

How To Design Your Blog Page

Next on the design side, how do you get your photos looking good?

If you want to edit them and you don’t have access to photoshop, I’d recommend using Canva. Canva’s a great way to apply some easy filters right in your web browser or add some text if you need to, to demonstrate what you’re talking about in your blog and also to make a nice image for that main image when you’re sharing it on social media

How To Check Your Blog Writing

On the writing side, you want to optimize for the keywords that you’re focusing on. So what’s the main problem that you’re solving. “How To Write A Blog Worth Sharing”

So “Write A Blog Worth Sharing” is probably the keyword here. You can see how I’m organizing the blog you’re currently reading around that phrase.

So, write a blog worth sharing is gonna appear in the H1 tag, as well as lower down in an H2 tag as well and then it’s going to appear two or three times throughout this copy. Having those keywords present, but not overly-present, you don’t want to stuff it with keywords and make it look . . . fake.

You also want to use the Hemingway App if you can. This app will help you with your writing if you tend to write complicated sentences, sentences that are too long or run-on. You’re using repetitive words or weasel-words that aren’t strong. The Hemingway App helps identify those things that a Microsoft Word spellchecker is not going to check on. This is available online, but you can also download it as a desktop version, just copy and paste your text in there.

Grammarly is something that’ll also check your writing. It allows you to set your settings, whether you’re writing for a scientific audience, or a business audience, general audiences, whether you’re writing in an authoritative way or a casual speaking way like a video would be. It’ll help you pick words that are better suited to each of those situations.

How To Write A Blog Worth Sharing

Now you know how to write a blog worth sharing – get out there and do it!

Thanks for watching.

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