Retirement Learning Center Draws New Clients With Ecommerce Website

Retirement Learning Center (RLC) is an independent consultant for retirement advisors, including ERISA and IRA consulting services. RLC grew wildly over the past decade. Since 2011, they have helped more than 43,000 financial professionals provide guidance to their own clients.

RLC approached Cohlab in 2016 to build their retirement service website. After initial successes, RLC returned to Cohlab in 2017 for help being able to sell subscriptions to services online (ecommerce) and invite people to join their email newsletter list (email marketing).

Let’s break down what we did.

Retirement Learning Center



Back in 2016, COO Jennifer Kiffmeyer approached Cohlab Digital Marketing. Initially, they were simply looking to build a website presence to help with branding and get their information online. Cohlab Digital Marketing created a new website, focused on search engine optimization and the user experience (UX).


Once the new website was created, Retirement Learning Center learned more about Cohlab Digital Marketing and trust was built. Soon, they decided it was time to incorporate an ecommerce portion to their website to sell their services, and through which they could capture contact information from potential clients by giving away their Retirement Resource Guide.


The website, SEO, Ecommerce, and email marketing continue to run with only occasional marketing and website assistance from Cohlab Digital Marketing.


Ecommerce Website Design | Email Marketing

MailChimp was set up for Retirement Learning Center, including automations, so Jennifer and her employees could send out monthly dispatches to their clients and potential clients.

With multiple products, WooCommerce was set up on RLC’s WordPress website. Images, descriptions, prices, coupon codes, and the shopping cart were created and configured by Cohlab.

Results For Ecommerce Website Design & Email Marketing

With a base investment in the website, a second investment in the ecommerce store, and ongoing costs for website hosting and maintenance, we can track the investment fairly well for Retirement Learning Center.

Looking specifically at the first eight months of 2021, we know that the ecommerce store directly contributed to their gross sales.

Looking at the math below, you’ll see with only looking at their investment in the website and 2020-2021’s gross sales so far, they were able to seize a 830% ROI. So far.


2016 Website Investment: $5,250

2017 Ecommerce Investment: $3,500

Ongoing Website Hosting/Maintenance: $89/month


ROI: 830%


830% return on investment so far in a little over a year-and-a-half. Retirement Learning Center could retire on that kind of return year-after-year from their ecommerce site.

Thank you to COO Jennifer Kiffmeyer and the entire team at Retirement Learning Center for continuing to partner with Cohlab Digital Marketing for your ecommerce website design and email marketing! We’re proud to serve local businesses and local communities. Get in touch with Heather Robbins of Cohlab for your marketing and website needs near Brainerd, Baxter, Little Falls, Nisswa, Staples, Motley, and Onamia.