Ron’s Tree Service & Firewood Grows Across Twin Cities With Website Design & SEO, Google Ads

Ron’s Tree Service & Firewood is an arborist, tree trimming, and tree removal company based in Minnetonka, MN. During the winter months, they shift to providing high-quality firewood. With a brand started back in 1985, Ron’s Tree Service & Firewood approached Cohlab Digital Marketing in 2017 to revamp their website design, help them get found online, and assist with focusing their firewood sales in specific areas during specific times.

Let’s break down what we did.

Ron’s Tree Service Continually Sells Out Of Firewood With Website Design, SEO, & Google Ads



Back in 2017, Ron and Andrea Rivetts reached out to Cohlab Digital Marketing to help create a new website. Their website at that time was fairly basic, older, and wasn’t serving them for SEO or for their users’ experience.

Cohlab Digital Marketing created a new website, focused on search engine optimization and the user experience (UX).


In a bid for stability in a changing world, Ron’s Tree Service and Cohlab Digital Marketing partnered to advance their SEO, and increase sales via Google Ads.

Cohlab and Ron’s Tree Service & Firewood chose to focus on:


Reputation Management | Advanced SEO | Google Ads

New rounds of keyword research were conducted, Cohlab.Reviews software was set up, City Pages were mapped out, and Google Ads were authored.

The Google Ads and City Pages were refined with keyword research. The series of city-focused pages drive geographically-specific searches, while the Google Ads are able to be turned on-and-off to push sales at specific times or in specific geographies.

We also gathered together all of their existing social media and industry websites, such as Yelp, BBB, YellowPages, Google, Facebook, etc. and brought all of the reviews into our Cohlab.Reviews software so they could be displayed live (refreshed twice a day) on the website all together, and make leaving a review extremely easy for clients. These reviews were also used on their City Pages to provide social proof.

Once reviews and city pages were added, Google Lighthouse Audits were run and the website was tweaked to operate best in browsers and Google search results.

Ron’s Tree Service Continually Sells Out Of Firewood With Website Design, SEO, & Google Ads

Results For Website Design, SEO, & Google Ads

First, we’ll let Ron’s Tree Service & Firewood speak for themselves:

Ron’s Tree Service & Firewood
5-Stars | In-Person Review | Aug. 20, 2019

“Very professional, friendly staff. They go above and beyond!”

Note: Did you enjoy that review? Check out more reviews from Cohlab clients!

Website Analytics

Overall Website Performance | Sept. 2020-Aug. 2021 (2021) vs. Sept. 2019-Aug. 2020 (2020)

2021 Overall Website Users: 18,836

2020 Overall Website Users: 15,209

Percentage Change: 23.85% Increase

SEO Website Performance | Sept. 2020-Aug. 2021 (2021) vs. Sept. 2019-Aug. 2020 (2020)

2021 Users From Google Search: 14,747

2020 Users From Google Search: 7,924

Percentage Change: 86.11% Increase

Google Ads Website Performance | Oct. 2020-March 2021 (2021) vs. Oct. 2019-March 2020 (2020)

2021 Users From Google Ads: 584

2020 Users From Google Ads: 950

Percentage Change: 38% Decrease

Note: Users from Google Ads actually decreased in winter 2020-2021. That’s because Cohlab reduced our spend for Ron’s Tree Service & Firewood, and managed it much closer because in winter 2019-2020, we actually had to shut down the Google Ads due to too many clients trying to get firewood.


There you have it folks. Between revamped SEO, UX, social proof via Reviews, and Google Ads, Ron’s Tree Service actually had to turn away customers in the winter of 2019-2020, and spend less money on ads across winter 2020-2021 to prevent more of the same.

Thank you to Ron & Andrea Rivetts and the entire team at Ron’s Tree Service & Firewood for partnering with Cohlab Digital Marketing for your website design, SEO, Reputation Management and Google Ads! We’re proud to serve local businesses and local communities. Get in touch with Heather Robbins of Cohlab for your marketing and website needs near Bloomington, Minnetonka, Edina, Wayzata, Eden Prairie, Minneapolis, and St. Paul.