Is Consistency Important for the SEO of Your Blog?

Image credit: Pinterest shared by SA Bard

The short answer is yes. One of the most frequently overlooked ways to increase the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your blog is perhaps one of the easiest to remedy. How often you post has a great deal to do with the SEO for your blog. Consistent posts of engaging, interesting, and organic content can help to boost your blog’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Google recognizes quality content posted on a regular basis and will reward your blog with a higher page rank. Consistent posting sets you up as an expert, and your followers will look forward to your posts. Add social media links to your blogs and you’ve one of the major components for success.

Engaging Content Draws Readers and Google Bots

You can’t just publish anything on your blog, you already know that fact, but if you consistently publish relevant and interesting content on your blog your readers will want to come there and Google’s bots will recognize your blog as quality content. Take the time to craft blog posts with organic keywords and keyword phrases. Take a few minutes and do some keyword research. This will let you know what keywords are hot right now and help drive traffic to your blog.

You don’t have to write a tome each time you post. Posts of around 300 to 500 words are optimum. This makes you say what you mean quickly, and holds your reader’s interest. If you need more words to get your point across that is fine, just make every word count. Keep your posts focused and on track.

SEO and Consistency

Google rewards good content, and it loves frequency. Ideally every day is a good goal, but just two to three times a week will help your SEO. When the Google bots crawl your page they should find new content that is relevant and well written. If they do your page rank will rise and your SEO will rise with it. Not only that but when you have regular consistent content reader visit more often and that also has a positive effect on your blog’s SEO.

As readers visit your page and their confidence in you as an expert grows they will want to share your posts. This method of building backlinks is a powerful organic SEO tool. As your content is shared Google bots will find a network of backlinks to your site and reward your blog with an even higher page rank. This is where quality content is key. You need to post content that people will actually want to read and share.

Take advantage of one of the easiest ways to build your blogs’ SEO and post regularly. Consistency paired with interesting content is a formula for SEO success and is easy as setting a schedule and sticking to it. Not only will consistent posting help the SEO of your blog, but setting a schedule and planning your posts will hold you accountable. So get to writing and get your SEO juices flowing!