Why and How SEO Web Design Can Contribute to Your Business Success

SEO Web DesignA few years ago, it didn’t really matter which tools and strategies you used to create your website. As long as you included some information on your products, a few appealing pictures and your contact details, you didn’t have to worry about anything else.

However, times have changed. At this point, search engines strive to guarantee an overall enjoyable web experience for all users and rank webpages based on their authority, popularity and relevancy. Of course, low-quality content and manipulative, black hat search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are considered a major no-no. So what does SEO web design actually involve?

Google is kind enough to shed some light on this matter. The giant company provides some interesting guidelines, enabling business owners to create SEO-friendly websites on their own or with help from a competent web developer. How does the perfect website look?

  • It displays a clear, logical hierarchy and an ideal number of text links
  • It provides a comprehensive site map allowing users to access different sections that might interest them the most
  • It highlights an optimal number of keywords, strategically distributed within all pages to make the content flow naturally
  • It has accurate, descriptive ALT attributes
  • It reveals a great balance between its layout and its content
  • All its web pages are content-rich, easy to scan and contain accurate descriptions of the products or services commercialized by the company

So how does SEO web design help your business?

A)     By allowing you to rank higher in search engine results

B)      By attracting more clients like a magnet (once you get on page 1 in search engine results you immediately start to witness a considerable increase in website traffic)

C)      By helping you avoid major Google penalties that could impact your profitability.

D)     By enabling you to surpass the efforts of your less Internet savvy competitors, who did not invest time and money in SEO-minded web design

Getting Started With SEO Web Design

Any expert in this line of work will tell you that SEO web design is part art, part science. It involves a high dosage of creativity, and also a clear understanding of the basic search engine optimization principles. In order to come up with satisfactory results, you have to complete six distinctive phases: planning, analysis, design, implementation, testing and regular maintenance.

  • The design planning phase allows you to discover the needs and expectations of your targeted audience. You have to create the website with SEO practices in mind, while also focusing your attention on the necessities and demands of your readers.
  • The site analysis enables you to find the most relevant keywords and research your main competitors.
  • The design phase will make you think about several important aspects, like for instance, the kind of architecture that you’d be inclined to opt for, how to make your webpage W3C-compliant, how to create and distribute premium content, what design elements you should use to highlight the most important sections of your site and so on.
  • Always invest time and energy in website testing. Ask outsiders to test and rate your website; their feedback will help you make informed decisions. Once you complete this phase, you can start implementing your SEO web design ideas.
  • Remember that you will have to update and maintain your webpage periodically

If you don’t know how to use SEOminded website design to your advantage, ask an expert. At Cohlab, we understand and anticipate all your SEO web design needs. Our extensive knowledge is your most valuable benefit. For the best mobile websites and custom search engine marketing strategies, just give us a call.