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Who We Are

We are hard-core website heroes dedicated to helping businesses. Born of frustration with the status-quo, Cohlab became a way to increase transparency and communication in the website-building process, while providing digital marketing expertise.

Co-founders Cliff and Heather Robbins watched a relative’s business struggle with mounting costs and poor communication during a website build process, followed by a lack of digital marketing assistance to the fledgling website.

Cliff and Heather created Cohlab to listen to the struggles, hopes, and dreams of American small businesses, then to provide consistent, clear direction and communication, and finally to bring their efforts to fruition with a new website and effective marketing strategy.

Our team is based in Minnesota but operates remotely across the region. We’re ready to help you at a moment’s notice - just turn on the Cohlab-Signal™. We produce our websites and digital marketing locally, organically, and with fair-trade* practices. Cohlab is a Google Partner and a Grow With Google Partner.

*Not actually Fair Trade Certified™ or associated with Fair Trade USA® in any way.

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Truth. Justice. And The American Way.

Cohlab Facts

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Our Software

We push the envelope. Our team has built and modified software to make our clients’ lives easier and provide new opportunities for companies to have access to websites and digital marketing. Here’s what we’ve built.

Free Image Search Tool

Developed in 2016, the Free Image Search Tool allows you to search ALL of the best free image online libraries at the same time. Using advanced Google search terms, our tool takes your search term and returns results from sites like Pixabay, Pexels,, and more free image sites all at once in a single search.


Developed in 2017, Trustdyx is a wholly Cohlab-developed CMS focused on extreme security and cost-effectiveness for smaller websites. Our website offering is 99% hack-proof - accessible only from Cohlab workstations.


Since 2018, Cohlab.Reviews has been collating reviews from around the web onto Minnesota business websites. Once you have your profile set up on various review sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Yahoo, and others, Cohlab.Reviews can pull all of your reviews onto a single page of your website, or into a carousel. Get notifications of new reviews and send out email requests for reviews to your clients as well.

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Our Team

The Cohlaborator - Heather Robbins Heather Robbins - CoFounder of Cohlab

Heather Robbins

Madame Marketing


Heather co-founded Cohlab in 2012 to help businesses thrive in a digital world. She has focused her entire career on developing businesses and helping them concentrate on their core competencies.

Doctor Date - Cliff Robbins Cliff Robbins - CoFounder of Cohlab

Cliff Robbins

Doctor Data


Cliff co-founded Cohlab in 2012 to help small- to medium-sized businesses handle their web-based challenges. He has focused his entire post-United States Marine Corps career in various technology sectors, most significantly software development and digital strategy.

Web Woman - Katie Carlson Katie Carlson - Designer | Developer | Maintenance Specialist

Katie Carlson

Web Woman

Designer | Developer | Maintenance Specialist

Katie arrived at Cohlab in March 2015 as a star website designer. She excels at seeing things from the client’s point of view and bringing a vision to life in the digital landscape while ensuring the designs are responsive and user-friendly.

Captain Content - Logan Gruber Logan Gruber - Copywriter | Video Creator

Logan Gruber

Captain Content

Copywriter | Video Creator

Logan came to Cohlab in March 2016 with a background in television and newsprint, bringing with him a concise writing style and a natural inquisitiveness about his clients’ business, both of which serve him well as a copywriter.

Triumphant Trustdyx - Kelsey Meyer Kelsey Meyer - Designer | Developer | Video Editor

Kelsey Meyer

Triumphant Trustdyx

Designer | Developer | Video Editor

Kelsey started with Cohlab in February 2017 with a background in graphic and website design. She quickly dove into website development as well, creating stunning websites for clients in a variety of industries.

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