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Online Reviews

Good reviews matter. So do bad ones.

While testimonials can take many forms, the written review is usually the easiest to pull from your customers and clients.

Good and bad reviews are important because they provide both shallow and deep signals to future customers.

The general sentiment of the review or star rating are a shallow signal indicating an approval or disapproval of the way you do business.

Meanwhile, the text of a review provides a deeper signal on what exactly the customer likes or dislikes about your brand, and provides context for their future decision making.

Getting good reviews - and responding to bad reviews - can make you a hero at your company by building your brand reputation and increasing sales.

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Review Software

How do you do it? How do you get more good reviews, and slow down bad reviews?

A review freeze ray? Some sort of pit trap? K-review-ptonite?


Our Cohlab.Reviews software is easy-to-use and does it's job well.

Once our online review software is set up, it zooms out to your review locations every 12 hours - Facebook, Google, Yelp, Houzz, HomeAdvisor, BBB, etc. - and scans for any new reviews.

It then brings those reviews back to your website, and displays ALL of them, from every review site, on one page - just like our reviews page here - making it easy for potential customers to see how awesome you truly are.

Meanwhile, Cohlab.Reviews generates a page for people to leave you reviews as well - just like our leave-a-review page here! If they choose to leave you a 4-5 star review, they'll be able to choose which review website they'd like to do that at, and get linked right to your profile. If they choose a 1-3 star review, they'll be asked to send you an email directly, reducing the amount of negative reviews overall.

That's super cool.

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Our Heroic Online Reviews FAQ

How Trustworthy Are Online Reviews?

90% of people trust an online review as much as their own mother. But, reviews that are a few months old don’t carry nearly as much weight as new reviews, so it’s important to keep them rolling in. That’s right, 85% of consumers think that online reviews older than 3 months aren’t relevant.

Do Bad Reviews Matter?

Yeah, they do. Be sure you respond to bad reviews and try to solve the source problem so you don't get any more bad reviews! Here, have a YouTube video and article on how to respond to reviews, maybe it'll help.

Why Are Online Reviews Important?

86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses. AND 57% of consumers won't use a business that has fewer than 4 stars. PLUS consumers require an average of 40 online reviews before believing a business's star rating is accurate.

You better get to getting some good online reviews, and fast.

How Do I Get Online Reviews For My Business?

Get Cohlab.Reviews software! Seriously, it's the best way to direct people to give you reviews and prevent negative reviews. Barring that, we do have some super advice for you to follow on how to get more positive reviews in this YouTube video and article.

Is It Illegal To Give Bad Reviews Online?

Nope. Anybody can give you a bad review online, as long as they follow the policy put in place by the review website. For instance, a client can give you a bad review on Google, but an employee can't give you a bad review on Google - the employee needs to go to Indeed where employee reviews are allowed.

Can I Offer Money For Good Reviews?

I mean, you could. But most review sites are going to penalize you for it, since it goes against their terms. We also feel it's both immoral and unwise, so we advise you NOT to pay for good reviews.

How Do I Handle Fake Online Reviews?

Great question! Someone left you a fake review - you need to respond and you need to show people that it's fake so they don't take it at face value. 89% of consumers read businesses' responses to reviews.

If you have an account with the website, you can also flag the review as false to try to get it taken down. Do both! Check out this YouTube video and article about how to respond to fake online reviews, about halfway down the page.

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