Who Else Wants to Enhance their Business Service and Get Paid?

Now you can improve your customer relationships even more by offering Cohlab powered SEO services and SEO website design. By partnering with us, you can focus on your core business strategies while adding value through top-flight SEO services.

Collaboration and technology is what Cohlab is all about. To that end we offer a partner program to enhance your business portfolio. By joining our program you will get the benefit of additional business revenue requiring no investment or workload – That’s right, Cohlab will pay you for every client you successfully bring on board as a Cohlab customer.

As your partner, we bring our unique and successful expertise for SEO website design and affordable SEO services into your range of offerings. As our partner, you bring clients to us and get paid a percentage of the revenue. If that’s not a win-win partnership, we don’t know what is.

SEO Services Pricing Structure

We pay a flat commission of 5% capped at $500 for any single transaction. For any SEO referrals we pay 5% commissions for a single year.

How You Benefit from Cohlab Powered SEO Web Design & Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO Services)

If you’re not already in the business of search engine marketing, a partnership with Cohlab will immediately allow you to offer SEO and SEM services as a value-adding business feature. Start earning as soon as your first client takes advantage of our services. Best of all, you don’t have to do anything. Just connect your clients with us and earn. In collaboration with us you can make money even from prospects who don’t convert directly into buyers of your product.

Perhaps you already offer some SEO services, but as a supplement to your core business strategy. Partner with us and we’ll take those services on. Superior SEO website design and SEO Services are our core business, so we relieve you of the burden while you focus on what your business does best. At the same time, your clients will be happy they came your way and we’ll pay you for something you don’t have to do any more.

With our established reputation for providing great customer service and results, clients will favor you through association. So even if your visitors aren’t currently in need of what you provide, the chances are high that you’ll be the first port of call when they do.

We also invite you to sell your clients on the benefits of partnering with Cohlab. Open the door for your clients and give them a chance to enhance.

To find out more about our partnership program, or to sign up as a partner, just complete the form on this page. Some call it partnership, some call it affiliation. We just like to call it Cohlaboration