Mobile Website Design Gets You Savvy Clients

mobile-friendly website

Why is it important to have a mobile website if you already have a regular website? It can be extremely annoying to view a website from a mobile device if the site isn’t optimized to recognize mobile devices and show a mobile website by default. Have you ever gone to a website using your cell phone or tablet, and you couldn’t read the information on it without having to pinch and zoom? The reason some websites are unreadable from a mobile device is because that website has no mobile website design. Websites like that will lose potential customers.

No longer considered a fad, mobile website design is a necessity that is actually expected by consumers. A 2013 study conducted by Super Monitoring found that not having a mobile website is as detrimental to your revenue as closing your business for one extra day per week. The same study also found that 57 percent of mobile device users would not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website. As many as 80 percent of consumers plan to make an online purchase using their mobile device in the next 12 months, and this number seems to be increasing.

93% of people who used mobile to research go on to make a purchase

Source: Nielsen & Google, Mobile Path to Purchase: Five Key Findings, November 2013

In 2012, a whopping 64 percent of consumers with mobile devices were viewing mobile websites while they were actually in the store, and in Q1 of 2013 this number had increased to 80 percent of consumers. Reasons stated for using their mobile device while in the store included:

  • comparison shopping
  • searching for coupons
  • searching for product reviews
  • searching for other store locations

As many as 23 percent actually chose to making a purchase using their mobile device instead of making an in-store purchase.

In other words, you could be losing business to competitors with better mobile websites even while customers are shopping inside your brick-and-mortar store!

At Cohlab, we seamlessly integrate your computer-accessible website with a mobile website design. Your mobile website will be able to recognize when a user has accessed it using a phone or tablet, and it will by default show the user the mobile website design. A person visiting your mobile website from their phone can click on your phone number to call you immediately, or click on your address to find your business on Google maps.

A great mobile website design also helps your business in local search because local customers who are looking for a product or service in their area tend to be on their smartphones. For instance, a visitor staying at a local hotel may be using her iPhone to search for restaurants in the area, as well as local attractions, shopping, and movie theaters. Another person may be looking for a dentist, searching with his phone – instead of the office computer – at work. There are many reasons why local customersare using mobile devices instead of computers to seek businesses nearby, and it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to have user-friendly mobile website designs.

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