Cohlab: Our SEO and Web Design Markets

As a proudly Minnesota-based company, Cohlab offers unparalleled website design and SEO optimization to the Midwest market. For businesses in small towns to metropolitan areas, whose currency is their personal service, familiarity and local knowledge, seeking SEO optimization and website design from a company familiar with the local marketplace is the best way to ensure that your local business stands out to both familiar customers and tourists alike. Cohlab brings the SEO expertise normally associated with Silicone Valley to the Midwest, giving locally-owned businesses the opportunity to benefit from a professionally-designed website, top search rankings, and high-quality mobile site design.

You Deserve Freedom: No Long-Term Contracts

Every contract we make is “no commitment, no penalty.” That’s rare in the SEO industry. It comes from the confidence that we can bring results–but also because we believe that you should be free to try something else if you aren’t 100% satisfied. You should never be at odds with your SEO company. So, if you don’t earn a return on your SEO campaign, fire us. Ask any other Midwest SEO company if they’ll make that commitment.

A National SEO Firm, Right Up the Road From Minneapolis

Our headquarters is just 75 miles up the road in St Cloud. We’ve helped Midwest companies in fields like law, medical supplies, home services, and more. We see good opportunities in the Midwest for early adopters. Minneapolis companies were faster to adopt SEO, so the competition is a bit thicker. We bring a national skill level to the region. Get our book! “SEO Website Design for Small Businesses” is available everywhere.

Enterprise Class SEO Performance–At a Local Price

Potent digital marketing programs need reasonable budgets to perform well, that’s a simple fact of marketing in any medium. That said, truly immersive SEO need not cost a fortune. We deliver premium, immersive digital market programs for less:

  • We keep billings low in the beginning so we grow as you grow.
  • We are lean: our organization is taut, smart, and well-run.
  • We are wise: because of expertise, we don’t waste time and resources on dead-end strategies.

Ready To Go?

If you want your search engine rankings and customer conversions to go through the roof–and your sales to soar–reach out to us today.

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