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Let the Cohlaborator fly to your rescue.

A Minnesota-based website design agency, we build custom website designs in WordPress or Trustdyx that rank well in search results, and in our clients' hearts. Our in-house superhuman team develops the front- and back-end of your website.

From the first message to routine maintenance after launch, you'll deal with a real person in Central Minnesota. No robots - exceptions made for the cybernetically-enhanced among us.

Your fully-bespoke design is prototyped in Photoshop before being coded by our expert developers.

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Website Design & Development Features

Custom-Fit To Every Device

Responsive Design & Development

Your custom designed website is responsive and always will be. From an iPhone 10 to a conference room projector, MacBook Pro to a BlackBerry from 2005, your website will be accessible and usable to all.

It all starts at the drawing board - or Photoshop. Care is taken at the initial design stages to create something streamlined for every device. Once we move into the development stages, we have specific guidelines we've set to make your website responsive now, and well into the hellscape which will be 2030.

Sell 1 Product. Sell 1,000 Products.


From selling one webinar to a thousand people, or a thousand gizmos to one person, we can help you find the right solution. WordPress themes and plugins can be installed and customized to provide a seamless ecommerce experience for your customers. We recommend using WooCommerce and its many extensions to manage your new digital storefront.

Let New Clients Find You In Google Search.


Sleek design and a nice paint job won't turn a car into a Formula 1 racer. Just as Formula 1 has a series of specs which need to be followed - Google, Bing, and other search engines have certain best practices they like websites to follow to make their work easier. Speed, accessibility, best practices, security, and more play directly into how your website appears in search engines.

While some of these can be implemented later, building your website from scratch with these optimizations in mind is the best way forward. And that's what we're here for.

To Track Or Not To Track. That Is The Question

Privacy / Tracking / Security

In order to continuously improve your website, you'll want to track where visitors go and what they interact with. We're ready to fully-integrate your website with Google Analytics, the Facebook Pixel, HotJar heat-mapping, and other tracking tools.

Meanwhile, privacy is a huge issue, and we want to protect consumers. That's why every site we build comes with an installed SSL to seal the communication between your visitor's computer and your website. If you're doing business in Europe or California, or with Europeans or Californians, we can provide GDPR and CCPA compliance for your WordPress or Trustdyx website. Remember kids - always get positive consent!

We're There With You Long After Launch Day.

Ongoing Website Maintenance To Prevent Problems

Once your website is live, we offer and recommend monthly support. This can prevent problems from coming up in the future, and catch problems which do crop up quickly.

For WordPress sites, this would include all WordPress Core updates, Theme updates, Plugin updates, contact form checks, and general security and speed issue support.

For Trustdyx sites, this would include contact form checks, along with technical issue support.

Optimizing Your Website Includes Where It's Hosted

Website Hosting

While you may already have hosting chosen, we do offer our own custom hosting platform for Trustdyx websites, and can also provide hosting for WordPress websites. When we control the hosting, this allows us to manage your website experience more efficiently, and optimize your site to the fullest.

Connect Directly With Potential Customers

Social & Email Integration

Grow your email newsletter list with a MailChimp signup form. Add a Facebook Feed widget to your page to provide up-to-the minute updates. Whatever you need, we can integrate it with our bespoke website designs.

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Website Design & Development CMS Options

Cohlab's Custom-Made CMS.

Trustdyx Websites

Homegrown. All Natural. Handcrafted. Homemade. Organic. Whole Grain. Native to Minnesota.

Trustdyx CMS was built from the ground-up right here in Central Minnesota, by Minnesotan hands and Minnesotan minds.

Trustdyx allows only Cohlab employees to access your website from our specific work stations - more secure than nearly anything else on the market. No updates, no plugins, no problems.

Trustdyx is:

Blazing Fast

  • faster than 94% of websites on the internet
  • up-and-running within a few short weeks
  • free of the bloat and unneeded features other website builders use
  • natively search engine optimized (SEO)


  • highly-affordable, with different payment options
  • business-friendly monthly cost

Beautifully Designed

  • designed in-house with your input
  • naturally responsive and mobile-friendly
  • available in a multitude of designs


  • backed up every time a change is made
  • supported by native HTTPS encryption
  • securely hosted
  • restorable within minutes should the worst happen
Most Popular & Feature Rich CMS In The World.

WordPress Websites

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform in the world, with more than 35% of the internet using it to power their websites.

Our bespoke WordPress websites have all the features you expect, and can add more through plugins. For ecommerce WordPress websites, we suggest the WooCommerce plugin which powers 28% of all ecommerce websites.

WordPress websites by Cohlab are:

Beautifully Designed

  • custom designed in-house with your input
  • naturally responsive and mobile-friendly
  • flexible to allow a wide-range of design choices


  • manageable from any computer, any browser
  • no HTML knowledge needed for basic changes
  • plugins available to increase security, speed, and more
  • you're in control and can set up multiple users
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Website Design & Development Process

Fact Finding

Phase 1

Your account manager will work with you to determine exactly what you need from your new website. The meeting may include specialists for additional viewpoints. After consultation, we'll present you with a sitemap and explanation of what we plan to do to make your site the best it can be.


Phase 2

Drawing from your requirements and our fact-finding mission, your custom website home page will be drawn up in Photoshop. Our designers will work closely with you to fine-tune the design until we achieve your perfection.

This phase will also include interviews for content if needed.


Phase 3

Drawing from the design, a digital version of the website is created on our development servers. As it nears completion, you'll be sent a link to review the development and operation of the website. This is NOT the live site, some backend development will take place after this phase, and it will be moved to final hosting.

Population (Products | Content)

Phase 4

Any content which needed to be created will be approved by you, and placed on the development site. If it's an ecommerce site, any product images and data will be added in this phase.

Final Approval & Testing

Phase 5

After design, development, content and product placement have been approved, we can do our final approval and final testing in preparation for launch.


Phase 6

Look, up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's your website!

Website Maintenance, Support & Hosting

Once your website is built, we offer a range of support services, from comprehensive ongoing internet marketing retainers to monthly website maintenance and support packages, as well as comprehensive and fast hosting, to make sure you are fully covered post-launch.

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    Website Design & Development Case Studies

    Award Staffing Homepage

    Award Staffing is a Minnesota-based staffing agency focused on providing career paths for associates and excellent service to job providers. Based in the Twin Cities with six locations, they make use of the latest technology to provide job seekers exactly what they need.


    Award Staffing has six locations, which makes review management for each location a special challenge. As a staffing agency, they also need to have up-to-date job listings on the site, which can integrate with Google and other job site services.

    The team at Award Staffing was very willing to work with us, testing out what works and doesn’t work for their clientele and web team, to make the very best end-product possible.

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