About Cohlab Digital Marketing

Cohlab Digital Marketing was founded with an emphasis on assisting businesses with their web based challenges. Cohlab has helped numerous businesses with Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (AdWords) and Mobile Websites while also being a trusted technical advisor. Our reputation precedes us with an emphasis on customer service and technical excellence that will exceed your expectations.

Cohlab has seen tremendous growth due to the quality programs provided to our clients; with over 15 individuals, Cohlab has a breadth of  capabilities including (but not limited to): Professional Writing, Responsive Web Design, SEO Expertise, Inbound & Outbound Marketing, Computer Programming and Project Management. Due to the tremendous growth, Cohlab has moved from the Sartell office into a St Cloud office with room for future growth.

Let’s introduce the two individuals that Co-Founded Cohlab.

Meet the Founders

Heather Robbins - The "Heart"

Heather Robbins - The "Heart"

Heather Robbins is a graduate of Saint Cloud State University in St Cloud, Minnesota with a BA degree and minor in business (accounting, sales and marketing). She has focused over 24 years of her life in various business and management roles. She has exceeded and grown in these industries. Always challenging the customer service status quo, Heather is not one to pass the buck on the hard issues. She relishes new challenges and has never shied away from an unhappy customer. If there is an issue she will not rest until the customer is satisfied with the result. Heather has certifications in Time Management and Project Management. If there was anyone you want in your (non-tech) corner, Heather is the "heart".

Cliff Robbins - The "Brain"

Cliff Robbins - The "Brain"

Cliff Robbins is a graduate of Regis University in Denver, Colorado with a degree in Computer Science. He has focused over 12 years of his life in various technology stacks from large companies to small ones. Throughout all of these he has proven himself a leader in the technology realm by challenging and inspiring others through his passion and dedication. Cliff has a knack for taking on any challenge with a very intense focus until it is solved. Prior to the time in Tech, Cliff spent eight years in the United States Marine Corps where much of his current leadership skills originate. If there was anyone you want in your tech corner, Cliff is the "brain".

With Cliff’s tech focused brain and Heather’s customer service heart this dynamic duo has taken on an industry ripe for change. No one else in the web industry offers our extensive premiere products and outstanding customer service.

Cohlab Digital Marketing is owned and operated by Cohlab, LLC.

Cohlab, LLC was co-founded by Cliff Robbins and Heather Robbins.


Cohlab is a Google Partner

Cohlab Partners with Google

St. Cloud digital marketing company Cohlab is partnering with Google My Business to get Central Minnesota on the map.  This is a national campaign that Cohlab was selected for and they are holding workshops to assist the local community to get businesses onto Google Maps.

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Sartell business getting in touch with mobileMobileWebsite

Couple’s business, Cohlab.com, works to optimize small-business websites for smartphones

Cliff and Heather Robbins got the idea for their new business in December, when they were visiting her aunt and uncle in California.

To put it simply, they got sick of pinching and zooming – on the screens of their smartphones, that is.

“We’re from Minnesota, and we’re out there visiting,” Cliff Robbins said. “We don’t know where anything is, so when we’re looking for a restaurant or some other business, we kept getting these websites that were great if you were sitting at a desktop computer. But we weren’t. We’re on our phones trying to make the little words bigger or the detail on maps smaller. We were both like ‘God this sucks.’ ”

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New 5-Step Program by Cohlab Aids Small Businesses in Today’s Technology Age

Small businesses will have a higher chance of being found online through Cohlab’s comprehensive program. Phone books are becoming a thing of the past now that individuals search for businesses online. Small businesses can find more success if they possess a searchable online presence. Cohlab now offers businesses an affordable and comprehensive 5-step program, which takes the guesswork out of discovering appropriate marketing avenues that match today’s search techniques…

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Cohlab’s New Website Design Services are Built Around SEO

A website that is smartly designed with search engine optimization (SEO) will be more accessible to potential clients. Therefore, it is important for companies to hire SEO experts, not just a website design company that offers a side package of this important service. Cohlab is first and foremost an SEO firm, which offers their expertise in the field. Now, they have tailored a website design package around their specialized search engine services….

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Cohlab Partners with DAYTA Marketing, a Social Media Management Firm

Today, most business marketing is performed over social media and websites. For a business to be noticed, it has to have an incessant strategized presence online. It is difficult, though, to devote time and energy to these strategies while building a business and performing the daily tasks necessary to keep it running. Cohlab, an SEO website design company, has partnered with DAYTA Marketing to create the ultimate SEO and social package for small businesses…

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